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12-14 West 68th Street
Block: 1120 Lot:38
Application to legalize rooftop addition
LPC Docket# 09-6025
Background information
Map of UWS/CPW Historic District
Images of 12-14 W 68
Deed & covenant research on West 68th Street , provided by Vanguard Title Agency
From UWS/CPW HD designation report, pages on Studio Buildings, published by LPC 1990
Miscellaneous Documents
Sampling of past legal decisions by the LPC, regarding applications for legalization
"Streetscapes" article by Christopher Gray, published in NY Times 4.2.09
LPC Cert's of No Effect, dated 1987 and 1991
Letter from Frank Lo Presto, President Bklyn Chapter of the AIA
Correspondence from Mr. Thomas Haines, former owner of 12-14 W 68
To LW!, 3.10.09
To President of 1 West 67th St. (Hotel des Artistes), 3.14.09
To President of 1 West 67th St. (Hotel des Artistes), 3.17.09
To NY Times, 4.4.09
DOB documentation
Digitized DOB application *Note Section 9, checked "N" as to Landmark status
DOB application (amended) filed by architect 6.19.09
Zoning calculations (including HD acknowledgement) filed by architect 6.19.09
DOB Plan/Work Application *Note Sections 25 & 26
DOB Factsheet *Note "Professional Certification Program" box on bottom of Page 2
Excerpt from DOB website regarding Professional Certification Program
Operations and Policy of DOB regarding Professional Certification
Selection of statements submitted at 4.14.09 LPC Public Hearing
Artist-residents of the Hotel des Artistes, and other West 67th St. residents
City-wide community advocates
Legal expert
(Please see "DOB documentation" section for additional information cited in this testimony)
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