Automat-ic Pie
Copyright 2006 Mark Foley 917.776.8948


Cherry pie, you and I

It was automat-ic

When I walked by


With a stack of nickels

And a piece of time

I had my pie

And I made you mine


But some good things

Don’t seem to last

And our love went the way

Of that Automat




Hopper might have painted it as Boggie walked by

They probably got some pictures in the MOMA archive

Streamlined stainless, chromed so cool

It looked so pretty…it sounded good too

‘Cause the slide of those nickels opened your door

And brought me the lovin’ that I lived for(at the Automat)


Let me tell you sugar, it was a time so sweet

With your flaky crust on that cherry treat

You’re always in the mood to meet my needs

But when I bit on you, you got the hold on me

And if you’d come back, you’d find it’s true

I’d build an Automat for me & you(for me and you)


The automat’s gone and a drug store’s there

But it don’t have a potion to ease my cares

There’s even talk to tear the whole place down

That would make it worse since you’re not ‘round

My just desserts turned to vinaigrette

But I’ll always cherish the place we met(that’s the Automat)