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5 New Wish List Items (see below):
Ballet Hispanico (167-169 West 89th)
Joan of Arc Junior High School (154 West 93rd)
Lincoln Center
Ivy Court (210, 220, 230 West 107th)
Astor Apartments (2141-57 Broadway)
Please Vote on the 13 Items Listed Below:
Cathedral Carrier Station (215 West 104th)
Chelsea Storage Warehouse (108-120 West 107th)
House of Free Russia (349 West 86th)
IRT Electrical Substation (264-266 West 96th)
West Side Republican Club (2307 Broadway)
American Bible Society (1865 Broadway)
Bloomingdale Library and Health Center (142-162 West 100th)
Hotel Churchill (252 West 76th)
IRT Powerhouse
Park West Village
Public School 199 (270 West 70th)
307-325 West 82nd Street District
305-346 West 84th Street District
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West 59th - West 72nd Streets
West 73rd - West 96th Streets
West 97th - West 103rd Streets
West 104th - West 110th Streets
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