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251 West 71st Street
Between Amsterdam and West End Avenues
Herts & Tallant, 1924
Amsterdam Houses
West End to Amsterdam Avenue, West 61st to 64th Street
Grosvenor Atterbury, Harvey Wiley Corbett, and Arthur C. Holden, 1947
Astor Court
Broadway between 89th and 90th Streets
Charles A. Platt, 1914-16
Broadway Fashion Building
Broadway and 84th Street
Sugarman & Berger, 1930-31
Cliff Dwellers Apartments
243 Riverside Drive at 96th Street
Herman Lee Meader, 1914
The Cornwall
Broadway and 90th Street
Neville and Bagge, 1909-1910
Euclid Hall
2345 Broadway between 85th and 86th Streets
Hill and Turner, 1900
First Baptist Church
Broadway and 79th Street
George Keister, 1894
The Hohenzollern
West End Avenue and 84th Street
John Scharsmith, 1902
Level Club
253 West 73rd Street between Broadway and West End Avenue
Clinton & Russell, 1927
P.S. 165
234 West 109th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue
C.B.J. Snyder, ca. 1900
St. Michael's Church
Amsterdam Avenue and 99th Street
Robert W. Gibson, 1891
West End Presbyterian Church
Amsterdam Avenue and 105th Street
Henry Kilburn, 1891
West Park Presbyterian

Amsterdam Ave and 86th Street
Leopold Eidlitz (original chapel), 1884
Henry Kilburn (addition: the church), 1890
93rd, 94th and 95th Streets District
Central Park West to Amsterdam Avenue
Manhattan Avenue Historic District
104th to 106th Street
West End Avenue Historic District
96th to 109th Street, Riverside Drive to Broadway