Actual mock-up provided by NYC DoITT of what these will look like.

Do You Want our UWS Street Lamps to Look like THIS?

The beloved “Bishop’s Crook” and other lampposts of the Upper West Side are under attack. Often funded by resident-led initiatives like the clean up of West 72nd Street and by individual block associations for their aesthetic value, the graceful scrolls and detail work may be adding on some unwanted baggage.

In its plans to bring 5G wireless service to the city, the NYC Dept of Information Technology and Telecommunication (NYC DoITT) shared their  “concealment solution” that allows providers to place “a uniform and minimally obtrusive small cell “concealment” solution to be mounted on street poles”. Unfortunately this is neither minimally obtrusive nor small!

If approved, this equipment, and its visible “shroud” will top lampposts within our historic districts, parks, and other public spaces.  This is not an instance where one-size fits all!

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Public Comments End on FRIDAY – 
On August 10, 2020, a public meeting before the New York City Public Design Commission will be held to review the proposed 5G equipment design. DoITT is seeking the public’s comments on this design proposal. Such comments may include: neighborhood aesthetic, size, placement on the pole, and other feedback on visual impact.

Members of the public can view the meeting live on the Design Commission’s YouTube channel (

Members of the public who wish to give testimony can sign-up in advance using this form: and join the meeting via Zoom at or by calling 1(646) 558 8656 and using the meeting ID: 815 2683 4121.

Full instructions for participating in the hearing can be found on our website here:

All times are approximate and subject to change without notice, and those who are testifying should follow along on the live-streamed meeting on the Design Commission’s YouTube channel to know when to join the meeting.

Lampposts in Historic Districts Targeted
Lampposts on the UWS that have already been identified for use according to the Mobile Telecommunication Franchise Poletop Installation Locations spreadsheet include:
  • Riverside Drive b/w W 91st and W 92nd Streets
  • Columbus Ave b/w W 66th and W 67th Streets
  • Amsterdam b/w W 88th and 89th Streets
  • Central Park West at 82nd Street and 71st Street
  • Columbus Ave b/w W 80th and W 81st Streets
Their list of more than 50 UWS poles include ones in the:
  • Riverside Park and Riverside Drive Historic District 
  • Upper West Side/Central Park West Historic District
  • Riverside – West 105th Street Historic District
Not to mention throughout our Scenic Landmark Central Park!

Another Before/After Design Example from NYC DoITT

Photos of 5G equipment already installed in other cities show both how much larger they are likely to be than in the NYC DoITT design mock-ups, but also that there are options for placing them atop signal lights, utility poles and street sign poles, as opposed to atop decorative lampposts!
But in NYC the franchisees get to use the poles they want.
Do we get any option that does not disfigure our streetscape? Is there any way to use the 136 LinkNYC 9.5-foot-tall boxes already installed on our UWS Streets (the most in any neighborhood) for this project?  Once again, private companies will be (ab)using our public assets: City-owned property for their private gain.
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Public Comments End on FRIDAY – BE HEARD TODAY!
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