As we’ve shared allegations of “Kick Backs” in the form of raises, for favorable votes toward passing the mayor’s Carriage Horse compromise, there is word early this morning that the vote scheduled for Friday is out of the stable- at least for this Friday.

This is yet another upset for the de Blasio Administration chronicled by local news media.

Both POLITICO and the New York Times are reporting on details which claim that the Teamsters Union has backed out of the deal and thus thrown off the discussions.  Earlier in the week, it was reported that the union was negotiating without consenting the carriage drivers and there were threats that the drivers would split from their union.

Politico notes that on behalf of his administration, the Mayor’s statement claims “We negotiated in good faith with the City Council and the Teamsters to reach this agreement…The terms of that agreement have not changed during these past weeks, but today the Teamsters decided to back away from the fair compromise they had previously endorsed. While we are disappointed this bill will no longer be considered Friday, the people of this city know what I believe, and we will work toward a new path on this issue.” Exactly what that path will be is uncertain, but for the time being, it will not mean that the Central Park Bridle Path will be paved any time soon as a result, which would be necessary according to the Central Park Conservancy should the stable be built.

In a twist of irony, one of the loudest voices from within the City Council in delaying the vote is Council Member David Greenfield who has been pushing a currently dormant proposal known as Intro. 775 to limit landmarks reach and protections.

The Times cites Queens Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer who feels there are bigger issues in the city to deal with saying ‘this has gone on for too long and I would say that there have been several attempts to do this…they have not been successful and we should move on to more pressing matters and more important issues that the people of New York City want to focus on’.  Let’s hope the City heeds his words.

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