LW! bids farewell to our two great high school interns, Jahmauny Monds and Jonathan Ortiz. Here, they offer us some departing words. We wish them all the best on this first day of school!

Jahmauny writes …
I loved my time here at LANDMARK WEST!. I enjoyed being introduced to people, organizations, and history. I learned about a building’s primary purpose, and discovered how influential a building can be to a neighborhood. I sat in and got involved with discussions on something new I learned through LW!: transferable development rights. I jumped into conversations about potential undesired expansions of original buildings on the Upper West Side. As promised, I joined the fight for appropriate preservation and I am glad that I was able to not only have but enjoy and benefit from this experience. My LW! staff is simply divine. I thank you all for having me and making me feel welcome. You are all great. Although this is the end of my internship with LW!, I will not say goodbye. With similar interests at heart, I thank Debi, Kate G., Cristiana, and Mrs. Arlene, till next time.

We’re blushing … thanks, Jahmauny!

Jonathan writes …

During my time here at LANDMARK WEST! I have had so many new experiences, from observing a public hearing at the Landmarks Preservation Commission, to writing about buildings, to office work. My time here at LW! just flew by, and yet I got so much out of it. I enjoyed when I would get the task of taking pictures of certain buildings, because it made me appreciate buildings that I passed by hundreds of times but never really looked at. LW! really opened by eyes and taught me to appreciate my surroundings because that’s what makes up a part of you. I will remember the people I met here and the moments I had with each of them for a long time. I am also going to miss the office itself because it is the most unique space I have ever seen! You can’t look anywhere without something catching your eye, whether it be a decoration, a knick-knack, or one of the several paintings or photographs just hanging around the office. Sometimes I would have to remind myself I have a job to do when I would start to look at all the cool stuff in the office. This has been a great experience and I would not have changed anything about it.

We were incredibly lucky to have two inquisitive and industrious students with us this summer.  As much as we taught them the ropes of neighborhood preservation, we learned so much from them as well!  Look back at posts from both Jahmauny and Jonathan — and all of this summer’s interns! — by clicking here.

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