Dr. Sarah Phen and Co-Owner Konstantin outside EuroOptica at 280 Columbus Avenue.

By Claudie Benjamin


For some, elegantly simple eyeglass frames made of titanium or real gold might seem a bit “de trop”. But, not so much at all if you compare the look and quality of eyeglasses to a luxury car purchase of say, a BMW or a Mercedes suggests Steven, one of the three owners of EuroOptica located at 280 Columbus Avenue and 73rd Street. Steven along with his partners (Roman and Konstantin) came to New York as young children from the former Soviet Union.
Steven explains that sure, there are bargains out there that have the look of class, but the quality is nothing like what you wear after purchasing a top of the line pair of frames from EuroOptica. Carrying some of the most luxurious brands such as Lindberg, IC Berlin & Oliver Peoples, the store also has the elite “Lindberg Precious Collection” that in addition to the gold option has frames made of buffalo horn.  
These are all ultra-light, classy with simplicity of line and all fitted with lenses made in the store’s own laboratory. Anyone who has ever been told “you’ll get used to it” by an optician, will appreciate Konstantin’s assertion that this simply does not happen at EuroOptica.

In addition to having the highest quality glasses and lenses Steven says the store carries options intended “to fit anyone’s budget.” The store’s elite “Precious” collection glasses can go up to the $5000 range, while others are less expensive options for glasses and sunglasses that all have been designed with great care are in the range of $300-$700. “The bottom line is that you can really see and feel better with these glasses and high end lenses, and the understated elegance of the frame makes you look your best,” Steven says.

The Flagship store at 280 Columbus Avenue opened in June 2021 and Steven is enthusiastic about the business plan to have a total of 20 EuroOptica stores  launched in pace-setting US cities within the next 36 months.

For now, eyeglass wearers are invited to come into the store to have a free comprehensive eye exam (that normally would cost $175) with a newly recruited optometrist Dr. Sarah Phen, who Steven describes as a “rock star”. They can then take advantage of the opportunity to check out the selection. Steven wears Linberg glasses. “ They’re light and make me feel good without being too showy.”

Website: www.eurooptica.com
Phone #: 212-501-7070


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