2307 Broadway (West Side Republican Club)

2307 Broadway (West Side Republican Club)


Date: 1897

Type:  Club Building

Architect:  Schweinfurth, Julis A.

Primary Style:  American Georgian

Primary Facade:   Brick

Wish List:  Wishes Come True

One of the last surviving buildings of its kind in New York City, this clubhouse served as a center for the New York Republican Party in its heyday, when the Republicans struggled for power against the notoriously corrupt Democrats (Tammany Hall) and sought to advance “honest government.”  By 1897, gentlemen’s social clubs were ubiquitous throughout the city,  In contrast to the flamboyant Beaux-Arts style of some other clubs, the “elegant, American Georgian design, built of light pink ‘wash brick’ trimmed with Indiana limestone…was closer in spirit to Harvard’s club on West Forty-fourth Street than to Tammany’s on Fourteenth Street,” according to Robert A.M. Stern.

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