309 West 85th Street

309 West 85th Street


Date: 1901

NB Number: NB 427-1901

Type:  Flats

Architect:  Neville & Bagge

Developer/Owner/Builder: Charles Glenn

NYC Landmarks Designation:  Historic District

Landmark Designation Report: Riverside Drive – West End Historic District Extension I

National Register Designation: N/A

Primary Style:  Renaissance Revival

Primary Facade:   Brick and Limestone

Stories: 5

Special Windows: Segmentally-arched windows at the fifth story; eight-over-eight windows at second story

Significant Architectural Features: Stone enframements around paired windows from second to fourth story with carved classical details such as panels, denticulated molding and guttae

Alterations: Facade resurfaced at first story; first story central portico entrance removed and main entrance and window rearranged; non-historic stoop, windows, metal window grilles, light fixtures; second story multi-pane double-leaf doors replaced and balconette removed; third story windows replaced; fourth story and roofline cornice removed; western facade windows in-filled at first through fifth stories; facade devoid of all decorative ornament

South Facade: Designed (resurfaced, all facade ornament removed)
Stoop: Replaced
Door(s): Replaced primary door
Windows: Replaced (upper stories); not visible (basement)
Security Grilles: Not historic (upper stories)
Cornice: Removed
Sidewalk Material(s): Concrete
Curb Material(s): Stone

East Facade: Not designed (historic) (partially visible)
Facade Notes: Brick façade; windows at the second through fourth stories infilled.

Historic District: Riverside Drive-West End HD Extension I

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