780 West End Avenue (aka 772-780 West End Ave; 258-268 West 98th Street)

780 West End Avenue


Date: 1912-14

NB Number: NB 689-1912

Borough of Manhattan Tax Map Information: Block 1869, Lot 7502

Type:  Apartment Building

Architect:  Blum, George and Edward

Original Owner: T. J. McLaughlin Sons

NYC Landmarks Designation:  Historic District

Landmark Designation Report:  Riverside Drive– West End Historic District Extension II

National Register Designation: N/A

Primary Style:  Arts and Crafts

Primary Facade:   Brick, Limestone, Roman Brick, Terra Cotta, and White Roman Brick

Stories: 12 and basement and penthoues

Decorative Metal Work: Possibly historic lights; balcony railings

Significant Architectural Features: Stone base; round-arched entrance in a heavily ornamented terra-cotta surround; metal-and-glass door with leaded glass inserts, leaded-glass transom, metal filigree grille and decorative transom bar; bays of windows with terracotta moldings and rosettes; balconies with corbeled bases, those at 11th story with masonry railings; windows at first story with keyed surrounds and decorative key stones; windows at second story with terra-cotta surrounds; decorative plaques and band courses; arcaded parapet above decorative cornice with corbeled molding

Alterations: Through-wall air conditioner; Siamese hose connection; camera; lights moved

Building Notes: Main entrance located on West 98th Street. Originally lot 61, it is now condo lots 1101-1162.

Site Features: Grille

North Facade: Designed (historic, patched)
Door(s): Possibly historic primary door
Windows: Replaced (upper stories); replaced (basement)
Security Grilles: Possibly historic (basement)
Cornice: Original
Sidewalk Material(s): Concrete
Curb Material(s): Stone

East Facade: Not designed (historic) (partially visible)
Facade Notes: Brick, patched; railing at roof; chimney; windows replaced; bulkhead; water tank

West Facade: Designed (historic)
Facade Notes: Similar to primary facade; two bays of windows with balconies, rosettes and molding flanked by small windows alternating with decorative plaques; service entrance with non-historic door and camera; professional office entrance (no. 772 West End Avenue) with possibly historic multi-light door with non-historic mesh grille and nonhistoric canopy, light and intercom; non-historic half-grilles; remote utility meter Site: possibly historic fence and gate across areaway; pipe; grille; round plate; concrete sidewalk; stone curb

South Facade: Not designed (historic) (partially visible)
Facade Notes: Decorative elements from secondary facade continue at return; brick, patched; fire escape; windows replaced; railing at roof; water tank; cables; light

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