With development rights from three townhouses, and the former Congregation Habonim directly on their site, and joined by transferred development rights from the Jewish Guild for the Blind and the First Battery Armory (ESPN), developers Extell/Meglith have the potential to construct an 84-story tower on West 66th Street if they exercise both inclusionary housing and plaza bonuses. Such development could cast shadows beyond 72nd Street in Central Park.

Potential development on West 66th Street between Central Park West
and Columbus Avenue
Post-development                       Pre-development
Shadows cast at 4pm on September 21st from development along the park
A 2007 study commissioned by Landmark West! asked Weisz + Yoes Architecture to examine the development potential directly adjacent to Central Park. Their findings identified ten potential sites where towers may rise. This framework was intended to aid the community, developers, architects, and New York City agencies in their future decisions with respect to development within our historic district. These “worst case scenario” findings pale in comparison to the actual scale of current planned development in the blocks just south of the park — and potentially creeping north, up the East and West Sides.
To access the full 2007 report, click here.


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