12 Commissioners decide the fate of what gets landmarked and preserved for the future and what changes are allowed – yet all but one are serving on expired terms. 

The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission operates under Title 25 of Chapter 3 fo the NYC Administrative Code.

The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission is the smallest of the City’s Agencies, yet is the “largest municipal preservation agency in the nation”.  Its ~80 person staff stretches across several departments: Research, Preservation, Enforcement, Archaeology, and Environmental Review. The Chair of the Commission is appointed by the mayor.  The remainder of the Commission is an assembly of representatives from each of the five boroughs as well as a Planner, an Historian, a Realtor and Architects.  The current commission:


Sarah Carroll; Chair;  Confirmed by City Council on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Term expired June 28, 2019

Fred Bland; Vice Chair; Term expired June 28, 2016

** On Tuesday, May 29th, Fred Bland was elevated to Vice Chair and served as interim Chair **

Adi Shamir Baron; Historian; Term expired June 28, 2016

Diana Chapin; Term expired June 28, 2015

Wellington Z. Chen; Architect; Term expired June 28, 2017

Michael Devonshire; Term expired June 28, 2012

Michael Goldblum; Architect; Term expired June 28, 2014

John Gustafsson; Term expired June 28, 2017

Anne Holford-Smith; Architect; Term expired June 28, 2019

Jeanne Lutfy; Realtor; Term expired June 28, 2017

Everado Jefferson; Architect; Term ends __________


Meenakshi Srinivasan, Chair & Planner; Term expired June 28, 2016-Resigning as of June 1, 2018

Among legacy projects from the Srinivasan era are a revamp to the rules which the Commission operates according to.  After much push back, although changes to the rules are continuing for consideration, but there WILL BE a second public hearing on the proposed changes–this is all thanks to joint advocacy efforts!  Details on the latest proposed changes HERE, with FULL TEXT HERE.  It is also hopefully a harbinger of a new era of leadership–on wherein the public again has a voice.  Stay tuned to our blog for updates on the future hearing and changes in store.

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UPDATE :: Video of West End Avenue public hearing, for your educational and viewing pleasure

Following up on yesterday's blog post (and email, and NearSay story!) ...See for yourself!  For those who were unable to attend the Tuesday, March 22nd, public hearing of the Landmarks Preservation Commission to consider the proposed Riverside Drive-West End...

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Community: YES! We Support West End Avenue Historic District Extension!

REPORT from the FIELDBy Cristiana P.The hearing room was filled to capacity (and beyond!) yesterday as the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) held the first of, ultimately, three public hearings to seriously consider historic district extensions on West End...

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Landmarking by the Numbers

Landmarking by the Numbers

More work and less resources--so continues the saga of the LPC's funding history.  At public hearing of the City Council's Land Use Committee, LPC leadership presented a preliminary budget for FY 2012.  The jist: with less staff and insufficient funds ......

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West End Avenue, Part I :: Hearing to consider historic district extensions approaches

West End Avenue, between 79th and 87th Streets, considered in the first of three public hearing Tell your neighbors!  Tell your friends!  In less than two weeks, we tell the LPC!On Tuesday, March 22nd, the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) will hold...

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GUEST BLOG :: Preservation, the Next Generation

REPORT from the FIELDA Guest Blog, Reported by Will VogelLast weekend (March 4-6) the Historic Districts Council (HDC) continued celebrating “40 years of activism” with their annual preservation conference: Looking Forward, Looking Back: Forty Years of Preserving New...

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