Landmark West’s Youth Education Program

Brownstone Detectives

Students will explore the basic elements of buildings and how these parts contribute to the larger structure. What is the job of a cornice? Why are stoops so special?

Program Description

In the first session, students learn about these building elements and then draw their own imagined buildings.  In the second session, students go outside to identify parts and sketch building facades.  Finally, using both their background knowledge and first-hand experience, students create a three-dimensional brownstone façade, which combine to create a streetscape model.


Student Goals

  • students will gain knowledge of architectural vocabulary, including various building parts and their functions
  • be able to identify these parts on actual buildings
  • use their knowledge of building parts and ornament to create a brownstone facade with a cohesive design
  • display an understanding of the importance of architecture and its preservation


More Workshops

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Create a brownstone facade and streetscape model

Compose poems based on neighborhood buildings

Tour a site and observe differences between the past and present

Explore architecture up close and design a contextual facade

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