Thankfully, there are no known reported injuries as of yet, but an excavator flipped over at the construction hole at 36 West 66th Street leading to a partial stop work order for the site. While this accident was within the site, it will just be a matter of months before equipment is in the public thoroughfare of the sidewalk and the street.  The developer that controls the site has a few memorable incidents with malfunctioning equipment whether improperly secured (i.e. the persistent crane incidents at One57 that eventually lead to an evacuation during Super Storm Sandy, or the unfortunate incident at the Central Park Tower where a guard lost his life.)  LANDMARK WEST! remains steadfast in our safety concerns for the community that are being raised by this potential development.  Notwithstanding, the undue burden placed upon first responders due to a largely unnecessary 161′ mechanical void in the mid-section.  For details on that argument, consult our ZONING CHALLENGE.

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