While many were hitting the beach to beat the heat last week, LW! had an eventful 3 1/2 hour hearing at the Board of Standards and Appeals regarding 36 West 66th Street (aka 50 West 66th Street) and how it does (but mainly, how it  does not) comply with Zoning.
You can read our recap HERE and watch it yourself HERE.
Since the hearing, others have picked up on our issue as this cuts to the very root of Zoning, and if some developers don’t adhere to the rules, it impacts everyone.  Somehow, the two tallest buildings to ever rise on the Upper West Side are being steam-rolled into the sky “as-of-right” with no public review.
FOX5 New York aired segments on Tuesday and  Sunday: Communities battle to stop new super-tall towers on the Upper West side
The West Side Spirit notes West 66th St. Tower Battle Drags On
LW’s lawyers have been in direct contact with several city agencies since the hearing, and many unanswered questions remain.
Mark your calendars for Tuesday September 10th 
when this appeal resumes at the BSA
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