Today, as on every Tuesday, an exploration of a fascinating Upper West Side building was published by Tom Miller–LANDMARK WEST’s good friend who runs the blog “Daytonian in Manhattan”. This Tuesday’s subject was IRT Electrical Substation No. 14, which is located at 264-266 96th Street, and which has long been included on the LANDMARK WEST! Wish List, a catalog of the buildings and sites we believe merit designation as New York City landmarks, but which have not yet been protected.



Tom’s article, which you can read in full here, explores the substation’s beginnings as a Beaux-Arts Renaissance beauty which blended into the residential streetscape around it, yet hid behind that pretty face the powerful mechanics of the IRT subway line. He concludes more somberly in discussing the building’s current, regrettably dilapidated state. We thank Tom for his highlighting of the fascinating and beautiful IRT Substation, and we hope his article will inspire further discussion and a renewed care for this landmark-in-waiting.

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