In what has become the top trending article on the ARCHITECT’S NEWSPAPER for the second day in a row, LW! Board Members Peter Samton, Page Cowley and independent architect Daniel Samton speak matter-of-factly about the impact the out of scale development is having on the fabric of New York City.

A New Breed of Skyscraper Threatens to Devastate the Fabric of New York delves into some of the technical impacts of these buildings–from ecology to city infrastructure so often overlooked when first confronted with these monoliths.  They warn how the greatest urban park in America is threatened by their continued rise and how these ETs “Excessively Talls” affect light, and wind; how they use more materials and in turn demand further additional drain on fossil fuels.

Read the full article for further details, and visit our SUPERTALLS page for the latest.

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