Our fight against supertall towers continues making headlines!  


LANDMARK WEST! board chair Page Cowley, FAIA and her fellow Community Board 7 member, Peter Samton, FAIA penned an Op-Ed for ARCHITECTURAL RECORD.
(linked above) outlines what makes the rise (and rise!) of the supertall typology possible. They also outline concerns over the impact these structures pose to their context, forever changing the character of the neighborhoods these buildings seek to dominate.
Perhaps most importantly, both architects call upon the City Council for a moratorium on supertall as-of-right developments. They seek reform policy that would “consider view corridors, the negative effects of wind tunnels, and, most important, shadows cast across parks, playgrounds and open space”.
Although City Planning began addressing mechanical void loopholes by certifying a text amendment on Monday, other developer loopholes such as stilts remain ignored.
In their clarion call for a “livable and vibrant New York” they take issue with the West 66th Street Development, which LW! has been exposing, and ask for a redefinition of as-of-right development all together.  Read the full OpEd to see if you agree.  Share it with your neighbors!


Catch up on LW! efforts to combat supertalls HERE!

And in the mean time, remember: the LANDMARK WEST! board will DOUBLE individual donations for SUPERTALL ADVOCACY for the rest of the month, up to $10,000 so we can continue to curb out-sized development in residential neighborhoods.  

Featured Image and Thumbnail Image courtesy LW! Board Member Peter Samton. 

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