The Central Parks Conservancy is planning to overhaul their playground near the Mariners’ Gate entrance, 85th Street and Central Park West.  Designed for 2-5 year olds, the playground renovation is part of the Conservancy’s “Plan for Play” program and is the 7th of 16 planned projects under this initiative (the nearby Spector Playground for older children will be a future project).

The new, thoughtful design will provide for additional water play, perimeter play and circular seating, imaginative play, active play, manipulative play and the ever-popular swings.

Previously, Chris Nolan, the Conservancy’s VP of Planning, Design and Construction presented their proposal to our LW! Certificate of Appropriateness Committee which opened a dialogue and gave community stake holders an early peek at the proposal in its working stages allowing them to provide their feedback.

We are pleased to report that this project was unanimously approved by the Public Design Commission yesterday. In the coming months, the existing playground will be dismantled and replaced by one with enhanced play opportunities and a more direct connection Robert Moses-era playgrounds of the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Please find a copy of Landmark West!’s testimony here.

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