The past few months have brought wave after wave of news about real estate deals involving developers, their lobbyists, political contributions, and the de Blasio administration. Sometimes, the little guy wins, but too often business as usual prevails…. Here is just a sampling:

“Lawyer casts doubts on Jona Rechnitz’s de Blasio pay-to-play testimony,” The Daily News, 10/31/2017


“De Blasio Finds Biggest Win in Pre-K, but Also Lasting Consequences” The New York Times, 10/31/2017

“Bill de Blasio’s Opponents Seize on Pay-to-Play Allegations” Observer, 10/30/2017

“De Blasio Doubles Down Against Former Donor Jona Rechnitz’s Pay-To-Play Claims” CBS New York, 10/29/2017

“De Blasio On Donor’s Pay-To-Play Allegations: Rechnitz Is ‘A Liar And A Felon'”, 10/29/2017

“De Blasio ‘doesn’t recal’ $100K donation in alleged pay-to-pay scheme” New York Post, 10/29/2017

“De Blasio fires back after latest pay-to-play allegations” Spectrum News NY1, 10/28/2017

“Mayor de Blasio has ‘no memory’ of shady chats with donor in pay-to-play scandal” Daily News, 10/28/2017

“Mayor de Blasio’s opponents call for renewed pay-to-play investigations after donor’s testimony surfaces” Daily News, 10/27/2017

“‘We Were Friends’: De Blasio Donor Describes a Direct Line to City Hall” The New York Times, 10/26/2017

“Firm uses loophole to secretly donate $60G to de Blasio campaign, lobbying records show” NY Daily News, 9/9/2017

“Developer of 111 Varick to build even taller, in spite of rival” The Real Deal, 8/28/2017

“Who de Blasio works for” NY Daily News, 8/19/2017

“Emails show lobbying firm had wide reach during de Blasio’s first term” Politico, 8/16/17

“Donors, Fund-Raisers, Friends: Gaining Access to De Blasio’s City Hall” The New York Times, 8/4/2017

“De Blasio Defends Taking $2.5M From Taxpayers to Fund Campaign” DNAinfo, 8/4/17

“Ex-DCAS Official: City Fired Me for Pushing Back on Donor Favors” The Chief, 7/31/17

“De Blasio’s pathetic ‘clueless’ defense on pay-to-play” The New York Post, 7/28/17

“De Blasio Ally Didn’t Register as Lobbyist Despite Big Push for a Donor” The New York Times, 7/24/2017

“De Blasio’s Dark Money Fundraising Is Barely Legal, Investigation Concludes”, 7/7/2017

“De Blasio to make taxpayers pay for his campaign probe’s legal fees” The New York Post, 6/30/17

“Developer-Friendly City Agency Ignored ‘Fraud’ by UWS Synagogue, Suit Says” DNAinfo, 5/17/17

“Developer says DOB wrongfully approved Soho project because of James Capalino” The Real Deal, 5/2/2017

“Lobbyist James Capalino is back pulling strings at City Hall” The New York Post, 5/1/17

“De Blasio lobbyist tied to another real estate scandal” The New York Post, 5/1/17

“DeBlasio’s Lobbyist Friend, James Capalino, Gets Pay Spike for 3rd Straight Year” The Jewish Voice, 3/8/17

“De Blasio cronies are still making record amounts of cash” The New York Post, 3/2/17

“Questions from the Dans: De Blasio needs to answer Squadron and Garodnick on his entanglements” NY Daily News, 2/4/17

“NYC pol demands de Blasio take action against Manhattan nursing home owners that tricked city in order to sell to condo developer” NY Daily News, 12/21/16

“City Council Will Finally Hold Hearing on Rivington Home Deal” The Jewish Voice, 9/7/16

“Emails show lobbyist’s reach in de Blasio’s City Hall” Politico, 9/6/16

“De Blasio’s Favorite Lobbyist” NY Post, 9/6/16

“Is James Capalino City Hall’s No. 1 Pen Pal?” The Real Deal, 9/6/16

“De Blasio’s Favorite Lobbyist” The New York Post, 9/6/16

“Bill’s Belated Awakening: De Blasio Kicks His Lobbyist Pal to the Curb” The Daily News, 9/4/16

“New York Officials Were Warned About Lifting Nursing Home’s Deed Limits, Report Says” The New York Times, 7/14/16

“City Hall Knew About Contentious Nursing Home Deal And Did Nothing to Stop It, Report Says,” Crain’s New York Business, 7/14/16

“The Complications of Vetting Campaign Donors in a Citywide Race,” Gotham Gazette, 7/6/16

“Rechnitz Claims China Conangol Thought it Bought MetLife Clocktower, not 23 Wall: Report,” The Real Deal, 7/5/16

“New York City Council Delays Scrutiny of Deed Changes,” NY Times, 6/30/16

“An Uphill Fight to Curb the Pull of New York City’s Lobbyists,” NY Times, 6/30/16

“Lobbyist Tied To Shady Hospice Sale Made $250K Pushing Other Deed Changes,” DNAinfo, 6/30/16

“City’s HRA Inquired About Fate of Rivington House A Year Before $116M Sale,” The Real Deal, 6/29/16

“Feds Subpoena Info on Bistricer’s de Blasio Contributions,” The Real Deal, 6/17/16 

“EXCLUSIVE: NYC neighbors force Landmarks Commission to reveal ‘veil of secrecy’ amid reversing Friends Seminary expansion deal” The New York Daily News, 6/10/16

“Memos Imply That City Hall Knew of Nursing Home Deal,” NY Times, 6/10/16

“After Another Big Bust, Bharara Says He’s Finding Corruption ‘Everywhere We Look,'” Crains New York Business, 6/8/16

“De Blasio donor hired to build Pier 6 Brooklyn towers didn’t follow city procedures, lawsuit says” The New York Daily News, 6/8/2016

“City Lifted Deed Restriction for Yeshiva Run by Accused Child Molester,” The Real Deal, 5/31/16

“De Blasio Doled out City Appointments From Shady Spreadsheet of Big Campaign Donors,” NY Daily News, 5/31/16

“De Blasio Pal’s Library Deal Gets Even Fishier,” NY Post, 5/23/16

“Lobbyists Take Advantage of Loopholes in Donating to Mayor de Blasio’s Fund-Raising Efforts, Skirting Conflict of Interest Laws,” NY Daily News, 5/23/16 

“Prosecutors Allegedly Investigating de Blasio Sweetheart Deal,” The Real Deal, 5/22/16

“Brooklyn Heights Library’s Sale Investigated as Part of Probe into de Blasio Administration,” NY1, 5/22/16

“Feds, DA Probe de Blasio’s $52M Deal to Turn Library into Condo,” NY Post, 5/22/16

“Chill, People: De Blasio Just Needs to Have Secret Talks with Lobbyists,”, 5/20/16

“Pier 6 Affordable Housing Deal Collapses Amid de Blasio Probes,” NY Post, 5/18/16

“De Blasio’s Rivington Street Condo Debacle Is a Scandal That Just Might Stick,” The Village Voice, 5/17/16

“EXCLUSIVE: Firm pays $68G to Pitch Future Projects to Mayor de Blasio,” NY Daily News, 5/16/16

“De Blasio is hopelessly tuck in the first stage of grief: denial,” NY Post, 5/14/16

“Political Group Tied to Mayor de Blasio to Defy Subpoena,” NY Times, 5/6/16

“De Blasio lawyers up with high-profile attorney Barry Berke amid state, FBI fund-raising probes,” NY Daily News, 5/6/16

“Fresh scandal for Mayor de Blasio — and bad news for the taxpayers,” NY Post, 5/5/16

“Community Group Call for End to Backdoor Deals Between Real Estate Developers, City Leaders,” NY1, 5/5/16

“Activist groups decry Mayor de Blasio’s ‘pay-to-play’ culture which favors developers over neighborhood residents,” NY Daily News, 5/5/16

“Civic groups ask Bharara to create panel to probe ‘pay-to-play’ culture,” NY Post, 5/5/16

“NY is a corruption-filled cesspool — and we have ourselves to blame,” NY Post, 5/4/16

“Developer linked to de Blasio behind big Nassau donation,” NY Post, 5/3/16

“De Blasio’s real estate money trail,” The Real Deal, 5/1/16

“Why Mayor de Blasio Is Facing So Many Investigations,” NY Times, 4/29/16

“Team de Blasio expanded the corrupt games it promised to end,” NY Post, 4/28/16

“De Blasio’s Office Gets Subpoenas as Inquiries IntoFund-Raising Continue,” NY Times, 4/27/16

De Blasio betrayed voters with sketchy fundraising,” NY Post, 4/27/16

“Mayor de Blasio backs law firm in fight over lead-tainted project near Upper West Side school,” NY Daily News, 4/26/16

“De Blasio’s law firm also represents controversial UWS developer he backed,” The Real Deal, 4/27/16

“De Blasio Gave Plum Administration Jobs to Nearly Two Dozen Fundraisers,” dnainfo, 4/27/16

“Some Real Estate Developers Have Given Big Sums to Mayor-Created Nonprofit,” NY1, 4/27/16

“Developers and the mayor: not just horses’ tales,” amNY, 4/26/16

Firm lobbying for permits donated $68K to de Blasio,” NY Post, 4/26/16

How the city knew about, and tried to undo, $116M nursing-home flip,” NY Post, 4/24/16

“Real estate execs gave to de Blasio while seeking key decisions from the city,” Crain’s NY, 4/22/16

“Follow de Blasio’s money: Too many favors for too many donors,” NY Daily News, 4/22/16 

“Federal Probe Expands to Nonprofit Tied to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio,” Wall Street Journal, 4/9/16

“FBI probing Mayor de Blasio’s fundraising activities,” NY Post, 4/8/16

“Developer Faces More Questions on Land Deals,” Wall Street Journal, 4/4/16

“How Mayor de Blasio sells us out,” NY Post, 4/3/16

“Lobbyist With Tie to Land Deal Is Worry to de Blasio Aides,” Wall Street Journal, 4/1/16

“How New York Allowed Gentrification for $16 Million,” NY Times, 3/30/16

“Manhattan Land Deal Is Examined,” Wall Street Journal, 3/22/16

“Lobbyist who steered $50,000 to Mayor de Blasio turned Lower East Side nursing home into luxury condos,” NY Daily News, 3/26/16

Nonprofit Linked to Mayor de Blasio Is Closing, The New York Times, 3/17/2016

Lobbyists just keep getting richer during de Blasio’s reign,” NY Post, 3/1/16

“Lobbying Booms at New York City Hall,” Wall Street Journal, 2/25/16

“Real estate’s love-hate relationship with de Blasio,” The Real Deal, 2/1/16

“De Blasio’s donors,” The Real Deal, 2/1/16


And the beat goes on…





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