Brace yourselves:  These photos.  Are.  Adorable.

At the end of last week, our good friends at West Side Rag gave a boost to our ongoing photo series, Playtime in Central Park, with this article.  If you’re not already, follow them on Twitter for the latest in interesting (and, sometimes, absurd!) Upper West Side news.  Susy N. does, saw their recommendation to take part in our photo series, and submitted the following photos. 
Clementine the bulldog, enjoying some Fountain time.
Bethesda Fountain, 2005.
Dogs frolicking in the fountain.
Bethesda Fountain, 1999.
Three Jack Russell terriers getting silly.
Bethesda Fountain, 2003.
These park-lovin’ pups are just the beginning!  We’re splitting Susy’s photos across a few posts, for our own personal enjoyment if nothing else!  For more canine-friendly photos from Susy and her husband, Michael, check out CanisPhoto.  Thanks, Susy!!

It’s not too late to get in on the photo fun yourself!  Here’s how!

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