171 West 65th Street

171 West 65th Street (High School of Commerce)


Block:  1137      Lot: 1
Street:  West 65th Street
Date of Construction: 1902, 1924
NB Permit: 1049-1900, 177-1924
Architect:  Gompert, Wm. H. and Snyder, Charles B.J.
Style:  Renaissance Revival
Owner: NYC Board of Education
Use:  High School

Notes: Included its own library, museum and gym. The midblock portion of the school, roughly 200 feet east of Amsterdam Avenue, was designed in 1900 by architect C.B.J. Snyder. The portion of the school on the northeast corner of Amsterdam Avenue and West 65th Street was designed in 1924 by architect William H. Gompert.

Images Courtesy NYC Municipal Archive. 


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