219-225 West 60th St. (Emsig Mfg. Co)

219-225 West 60th St. (Emsig Mfg. Co)


Block:  1152      Lot: 17
Street:  West 60th Street
Date of Construction: 1911
NB Permit: 468-1911
Owner: Lewis A. Cushman
Use:  Stable


Notes: The New Building information given is for the four-story stable at 225-227 West 60th Street. Additional storage and factory structures designed by architects Lee and Eugene Schoen were built at 219-223 West 60th Street in the 1940s for Emsig Realty Co. See NB 2-1944, NB 110-1946, NB 249-1946 and NB 219-1947.

All images courtesy NYC Municipal Archive. 


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