Image Credit: Snøhetta / NY Post composite, via NY Post

New York Post Journalist Jennifer Gould digs into the $127 million financing connections of 50 West 66th Street and another midtown development in her article “How Shady Kazakh Cash is Building NYC’s Poshest Pads” and even throws at bit of shade at local “NIMBYS” in a hot link without giving one iota of attention to the flagrant issues at hand:

Applaud or loathe them (as community NIMBYs do), these buildings are the poster children for how dirty money from far-off nations is reshaping NYC neighborhoods.  

She explains that Meridian Capital, the funder was formed in 2002 by individuals such as “Kazakhstan’s former oil and gas minister Sauat Mynbayev, Kazakh billionaire Askar Alshinbayev and top execs of Kazkommertsbank, Kazakhstan’s largest private bank.”

Read the full article HERE and stay tuned for news about our upcoming appeal date.


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