On Thursday, June 12, 2012, LANDMARK WEST! will celebrate a band of worthy New Yorkers whose legacies live on.  These are our Unsung Heroes of the Upper West Side.  Their impressive works for historic preservation outlive them, continuing to shape the Upper West Side and our city for the better.  The 2012 “Unsung Heroes” are:
Robert Makla          Norman Marcus          Dorothy M. Miner
Nancy Spero         David F.M. Todd
Meet each of our honorees on our awards ceremony webpage, and learn about their contributions to the neighborhood and the preservation community.
Leading up to the awards ceremony, we want to hear from you!  Share with us your own memories of how these altruistic individuals made their mark in your community and in your life.  You can do so in the Comments of this blog, or email us at landmarkwest@landmarkwest.orgShare stories, share photos!
And please, help spread the word about this merry gathering to celebrate Bob, Norman, Dorothy, Nancy, and Davide.  Encourage colleagues, students, friends, and all who share with us an appreciation for these five heroes of preservation to join us on June 12th (details here).
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