Let’s cut to the chase.

Please sign this petition, New Yorkers for a Human-Scale City, and please add your individual name, or your organization’s* name, to the growing list of co-sponsors endorsing the petition.  The list is long because it strikes a chord in every neighborhood throughout all five boroughs of New York City.

This petition may not be perfect.  What single, straightforward document on any complex issue is?  But it is the result of a broad-based coalition of often unheard voices on the unprecedented and focused assault on our neighborhoods, landmarks, small businesses, parks, playgrounds, sunshine, shadows, and quality of life.  The evidence of this assault is all around us, and exploding — 100 story towers, plans to increase height limits all over NYC, attempts to gut our 50-year-old Landmarks Law, shedding civic institutions, closing libraries and schools, rising rents and public parkland giveaways — all in the name of Mayor de Blasio’s untenable “affordable housing” scheme.

The real beneficiary = plain greed.

Let’s park our collective cynicism — what good will another petition do?  First, this isn’t just another petition.  It is uniquely broad, multi-borough-based, and unusually direct and finger-pointing. No time for a massive group edit or letting the perfect be the enemy of the necessary.  Please sign now.  Tomorrow may be too late.  This petition provides space to add your personal comments — fire away!

Finally, if not now, when?  We must focus, and press, and this petition is a good start.
Make sure to watch Bill Moyers powerful PBS program, The Long Dark Shadows of Plutocracy, shown Nov. 28, 2014.
*Neighborhood groups, block associations, community boards, etc!
If you find the petition asks for too much personal information, email us with your name and LANDMARK WEST! will make sure your support is registered.   
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New York, NY 10023
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