It seems as though the Metro Theater won’t be welcoming Urban Outfitters as a new retail tenant after all.For some time, it was speculated that Urban Outfitters (UO), the clothing and random-grab-bag-o-merchandise chain store already at home on the West Side at 72nd Street and Broadway, would be taking up residence at the Metro Theater.  Located on Broadway between 99th and 100th Street, the Metro Theater is an Individual Landmark building.  So when talk of a new occupant began to bubble up, LANDMARK WEST! kept its ear open.  The chatter subsequently died down. 

Then, discussion of a new location for UO in the 100th-and-Broadway neighborhood began anew this week.  Turns out the store has secured the retail space directly across Broadway from its previous site of interest, in the new Extell residential tower.  For details, check out the following articles:

Wall Street Journal
covers this “bodega chic” venture.

West Side Independent‘s take on the “fake” neighborhood character proposed by UO.

The Shophound caught the story earlier this Spring, as did the blog MyUpperWest.

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