Mark your Calendars: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th:
  Polls are open 6am-9pm.  Please remember to vote! 
Doors open at 6:30pm. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church,
West 65th Street at Central Park West.
LW! and neighbors will file the Community’s DOB Zoning Challenge against 36 West 66th Street (aka 50 West 66th Street) by the September 9th Deadline. 
Join us to review the substance of the challenge, ask questions, and learn about the next steps!  Zoning Expert George Janes will walk the public through the issues and arguments.  
Elected officials who have signed onto the challenge, and their representatives will be present with LANDMARK WEST! and FRIENDS of the Upper East Side Historic Districts for discussion. 
This event is FREE.  RSVP requested.  (linked)
LW! will distribute the full challenge with executive summary once filed.
In the mean time, read up! City Planning has committed themselves to address the issue of excess mechanical and structural voids in new developments, with a report due out by the end of this year.  View a draft presentation of their findings HERE.
Stay tuned to our watch blog for updates on this issue and our upcoming public forum.  If you would like to contribute to the costs of this effort and forthcoming legal fees, please join LW! or make a tax-deductible contribution HERE.  This is not an isolated concern as each out-sized development that bends the zoning resolution to its desires sets precedent for future abuses.
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