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The New York City Department of City Planning has produced a suite of three initiatives under the umbrella of “City of Yes” to zone “for a more equitable and sustainable city.”

– In efforts to promote sustainability, they have produced City of Yes for Carbon Neutrality.

– In efforts to support “small businesses”, they have produced City of Yes for Economic Opportunity.

– In efforts to create more “equitable housing”, they have produced City of Yes for Housing Opportunity.

REVOLUTION is not always a call to the barricades. Some revolutions can even put you to sleep. Try reading zoning law, for example; it’s as dry as dust and as dull as the law books and a numbers game to the uninitiated.

– Architecture Critic, Ada Louise Huxtable


City of Yes will be the largest zoning text amendment this city has ever seen and the first major zoning change since 1961. The zoning package embodies much of the Mayor’s early initiatives which sought to “cut red tape, streamline processes, and remove administrative burdens” to “get stuff built.”

The tagline behind this latest proposal is ‘every borough and neighborhood has to do its part’ to create a more sustainbale, productive and equitable city. With such a sizable change to the cities zoning laws, there are many apsects of the proposal to be concerned about, with some proposals having the potential to dramtically change the current landscape of New York City.

LANDMARK WEST! has submitted comments and testified at Department of City Planning Hearings and City Council Hearings on City of Yes proposals and you can read our comments below.

Click on the icons for Carbon Neutrality or Economic Opportunity below (Housing Opportunity page is COMING SOON) to better understand the initiative, read the materials prepared by City Planning, catch up on LANDMARK WEST! testimony and learn about key dates in the review and approval process.

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Adopted by City Council, December 6, 2023

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PRE-PROCESS (Page coming soon!)

Are you still curious for a better understanding?  Watch our program, Understanding City of Yes with George Janes, co-hosted by LANDMARK WEST! and FRIENDS of the Upper East Side Historic Districts, by clicking the IMAGE BELOW.

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