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 SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, October 9, 2024

Church of St. Matthew and St. Timothy, 26 W. 84th Street

A landmark designed by architect Victor F. Christ-Janer

The Mumford Award is LANDMARK WEST!’s new signature award named for the New York-based urban thinker, sociologist, historian, and critic Lewis Mumford (1895-1990), an influential and prolific writer and commentator on the culture and histories of cities and modern life.  The award annually recognizes an individual dedicated to the urban environment of New York City.   Whether by promoting understanding or advancing innovation and improvement, this individual’s efforts celebrate the city and prompt discourse and debate. 

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Special Thanks to our Celebration Committee:

Mosette and Herb Broderick, Kara Kelly, Sean Khorsandi, Carlo and Kathryn Lamagna,

Holly Lynch, Susan Nial, Meg and John Pinto, Roberta Semer, Ron Senio and Judy Braun, 

Helen Thurston and John Losk, Elieen Vazquez, and Julia Vitullo-Martin.  

List in Formation

Graphic stylization of Lewis Mumford in red

Lewis Mumford (10/1895 – 1/1990) was an esteemed American urban thinker, sociologist, historian and critic who was recognized as an urban writer. Born in Flushing, Mumford spent many of his formative years on the Upper West Side, in a tenement on 95th Street or in a rowhouse in the San Juan Hill neighborhood. Raised by his mother, grandparents and the City itself, after graduating from Stuyvesant High School in 1912, he studied at the City College of New York and The New School. He served in the Navy and, after being discharged, would proceed to author nearly 30 books and be recognized as the author of The New Yorker‘s long-standing Skyline column. 

Our Inaugural Recipient:

Graphic for Andrew Dolkart

Andrew Dolkart is a Professor of Historic Preservation at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and is a co-founder and co-director of the NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project. He is a preservationist and historian specializing in the architecture and development of New York City, with particular interest in the design and use of the common yet overlooked building types that line the city’s streets. A founding member of LANDMARK WEST!, Dolkart is the recipient of the Historic District Council’s Landmarks Lion award and the New York Landmarks Conservancy’s Lucy G. Moses Preservation Leadership award, and is the author of several award winning books, virtually displayed on his shelves, below.

Stylized Graphic of Andrew Dolkart
Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood
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