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Events Archive

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April 18, 2024: “The New York Game” with Kevin Baker

April 3, 2024: “All the Rage: The Hidden History of Cycling” with Evan Friss

April 2, 2024: “What are Special Districts” with George Janes; co-sponsored with Historic Districts Council


March 19, 2024: “The Blizzard of 1888” with Rob Afry

March 5, 2024: “The Vanishing of Carolyn Wells: Investigations into a Forgotten Mystery Writer ” with Rebecca Barry


February 13, 2024: “Fifth Avenue: A History of America’s Street of Dreams” with Mosette Broderick

February 8, 2024: Book warming for Mosette Broderick’s Fifth Avenue: A History of America’s Street of Dreams at Hotel des Artistes


January 23, 2024: “Tracing Guastavino Across Five Decades in St. John the Divine” with Laura Buchner

January 18, 2024: “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Mayor Adams’ City of Yes” with George Janes; co-sponsored with FRIENDS of the Upper East Side

January 11, 2024: “The Greatest 19th Century Photo of Morningside Heights: Unlocking a Neighborhood’s History” with Rob Garber


December 5, 2023: Tour of the Shubert Archives 


November 15, 2023: “Cornelius Vanderbilt and the Lady Brokers” with Bill Greer

November 9, 2023: “Raising Titanic’s Big Piece: 25 Years Later” with Kelly Caldwell 


October 25, 2023: “The Piccirilli Family: A Stone Carving Dynasty” with John Belardo

October 12, 2023: “After the Final Curtain: The Lost Theatres of New York” with Matt Lambros 


September 13, 2023: “Jacob Wrey Mould and the Artful Beauty of Central Park” with Frank Kowsky


June 14, 2023: “Before Central Park” with Sara Cedar Miller 


May 23, 2023: “The Bloomingdale Asylum: A New Vision” with Nina Harkrader

May 10, 2023: “Secrets and Scandals of Riverside Drive” with Stephanie Azzarone 


April 12, 2023: “This is No Dream: The Making of Rosemary’s Baby” with James Munn


March 31, 2023: Tour of the Grolier Club with Eve Kahn

March 23, 2023: “The Queen of Bohemia (Zoe Norris) and the Upper West Side” with Eve Kahn

March 21, 2023: “Fact and Fiction about the 12 FAR Cap” with George Janes, co-sponsored with FRIENDS of the Upper East Side Historic Districts


February 22, 2023: “A Civil Rights Tour of the Upper West Side” with Leigh Hallingby

February 7, 2023: “The Scandalous Hamiltons (1890’s Edition)” with Bill Shaffer


January 25, 2023: “Holding the Safety Net in San Juan Hill” with Jessica Larson

January 11, 2023: “The Paterno Family: Chronicling an Architectural Legacy on the UWS” with Carla Golden


December 12, 2022: “The Opulent Apartment Houses of the Boulevard” with Tom Miller

December 7, 2022: “Only Murders in the Building: Staging the Scene of the Crime” with Curt Beech and Rich Murphy


November 17, 2022: “Buried Beneath the City” with Nan A. Rothschild and Amanda Sutphin

November 9, 2022: “Home Sweet Mansion: The Gilded Age and the Servants that made it so Golden” with Esther Crain


October 13, 2022: “Mr. Green and the Making of Central Park” with Ron Krocak


September 28, 2022: “From Martin to Moses:  A History of Riverside Park” with Stephanie Azzarone

September 8, 2022: Preservation Book Club, Lori Zabar’s, Zabar’s: A Family Story, with Recipes (with Preservation League of New York State)


June 28, 2022: “The Many Lives of San Juan Hill” with Sarah Bean Apman

June 8, 2022: “Upper West Side Firsts” with Laurie Lewis


May 25, 2022: “A Hard Look at “Hardship: West Park Presbyterian Church & a Rarely-Used Landmarks Exception” LW! Panel discussion

May 24, 2022: “Boss Tweed and 19 Months that Changed Central Park” with Ron Korcak


April 27, 2022 “River: Living at the 79th Street Boat Basin” with Leslie Day

April 6, 2022 “ALLOYS: American Sculpture and Architecture at Midcentury” with Marin Sullivan


March 23, 2022 “The Forgotten Impressonist: Mary Rogers Williams” with Eve Kahn

March 2, 2022 “Grossinger’s Bakery and the Family That Built it: an Evening with Herb Grosinger”


February 23, 2022 “From Horses to Horsepower: The Bygone Worlds of Carriage Houses and Car Dealerships of the Upper West Side”
with Lucie Levine

February 9, 2022 “Secrets of Central Park: Odds ‘n Ends Edition” with Ron Korcak


January 28, 2022 “MADAM: Polly Adler, Icon of the Jazz Age” with Debby Applegate


Nov. 17, 2021 “Hustling Hitler: The Jewish Vaudevillian Who Fooled the Führer” with Walter Shapiro

Nov. 9, 2021 “The Original West Sider: Cyrus Clark” with Tom Miller


Oct. 25, 2021 “Celebrating 150 Years of Emery Roth, Architect of our City” 

Oct. 17, 2021 “Central Park’s Early Statues” with Michele Bogart


May 20, 2021 “Ziegfeld’s Girls” with Nils Hansen and Bob Hudovernik

May 13, 2021 Candidates Forum: Council District 7

May 12, 2021 Candidates Forum: Council District 6


April 29, 2021 “McKim, Mead & White: The Early Years” with Prof. Mosette Broderick

April 13, 2021 “The Belnord, Beresford and Barney G: West Side Stories” with Peter Osnos


March 25, 2021 “Manhattan Cocktail: Fantasy and the Cinematic City” with Paula Uruburu

March 17, 2021 “Ada Louise Huxtable’s New York” with Lucie Levine

March 10, 2021 “The Lost Voice of Mary L. Booth” with Tricia Foley


February 23, 2021 “A Winter’s Tale: Ghosts of the Upper West Side” with Maria Dering

February 9, 2021 “Discovering Ignatz Pilat: First Gardener of Central Park” with Ron Korcak


January 28, 2021 “Manhattan’s Hotel des Artists” with Robert Hudovernik

January 20, 2021 “West 67th Street Artists’ Colony” with Andrew Scott Dolkart

January 14, 2021  “It’s a Helluva Town: Joan K. Davidson, the J.M. Kaplan Fund, and the Fight for a Better New York” with Roberta Brandes Gratz and Anthony C. Wood


Dec. 8, 2020 “How to Map Your Local Subway” with John Tauranac


Nov. 19, 2020 “Upper West Side Women and the Long Fight for Women’s Suffrage” with Dr. Nina Harkrader

Nov. 10, 2020 “Literary Lights of the Upper West Side” with Lucie Levine


Oct. 27, 2020 “West 72nd: Queen of Streets” with Tom Miller

Oct. 20, 2020 “Maggie Mitchell and the Story of the St. Andoche” with Caitlin Hawke

Oct 15, 2020 “Richard Lippold & Orpheus and Apollo” panel discussion

Oct 6, 2020 “The Mystique of Howard Chandler Christy” with Jim Head


Sept 24 “New York Exposed! Corruption in the Gilded Age”

Sept 16, 2020 “Staging Fashion” with Prof. Michelle Majer

Sept 10, 2020 “Faces in Stone” with Robert King


August 19, 2020 “Row Houses of the North Atlantic Cities” with Charlie Duff

August 13, 2020 “Monumental Women” (with Friends of the Upper East Side)


July 21, 2020 “Hidden Waterways of the UWS”

July 29, 2020 “Notable New Yorkers of Manhattan’s Upper West Side” with Jim Mackin


June 29, 2020 “The Rich Histories of the Early Immigrants of Columbus Avenue” with Tom Miller

June 25, 2020 “Manhattan’s First ‘It’ Girl” with Dr. Paula Uruburu

June 17, 2020 “Discovering Calvert Vaux” with Ron Korcak

June 3, 2020 “The Central Park: Original Designs for New York’s Greatest Treasure” with Cynthia Brenwall


May 27, 2020 “The Drama of Art Deco” with Anthony Robins

May 20, 2020 “Mag Men” with Walter Bernard and Anne Quito

May 13, 2020 “Lost Jewel: The Spanish Pavilion of the NY World’s Fair” with Sean Khorsandi and and Michael Grogan


April 17, 2020 “The Many Lives of Riverside Park” with Lucie Levine

April 8, 2020 “All the Single Ladies: Women Only Buildings in 20th c. NYC” with Dr. Nina Harkrader


March 3, 2020 “The Fall of a Great American City” with Kevin Baker


February 25, 2020 “Scandals & Murder on the Upper West Side” with Beth Goffe

February 20, 2020 “Candela on the Upper West Side” with Anthony Bellov

February 20, 2020  “UWS Architecture” with Sean Khorsandi and Sue Miller

February 11, 2020  “Television City: A History of Filming on the Upper West Side” with Lucie Levine


January 28, 2020 “The Upper West Side from the Air” with John Tauranac

January 22, 2020 “Nora Ephron’s Magical Manhattan on Film” with Paula Uruburu

January 15, 2020  “It’s All Legal on the Upper West Side” with Robert Pigott


November 17th, 2019: Walking the Lower Upper

November 19th, 2019: Boss Tweed: New York’s Corruption King


October 29th, 2019 EgyptOmania! with “Mr. Mummy” Dr. Bob Brier

October 23, 2019 “Solving History Mysteries with the Municipal Archives”

October 3, 2019  “A.H. Green: The Forgotten “Father of Greater New York” with Michael Mischione

October 2, 2019  Art Gallery Reception for “Lovable New York: Buildings c 1830-1930” Spaced: Gallery of Architecture


September 26, 2019 “Casting the UWS in ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’

September 24, 2019 ” “American Venus”: Audrey Munson’s Path from Fame to Ruin” with Tom Miller

September 8, 2019 “The Grandest Madison Square Garden: Art, Scandal, & Architecture in Gilded Age New York” with Suzanne Hinman


August 27, 2019 “The Secret Designer of Central Park” Walk with Beth Goffe

August 20, 2019 “Vaux Arches of Central Park” with Stefan Yarabek

August 6, 2019 “Central Park Art Deco” Walk with Anthony Robins


July 25, 2019 “Especially Special W. 73rd/74th Streets” walk with Francis Morrone

July 23, 2019 “Vaux ARCHES of Central Park” with Stefan Yarabek


June 25, 2019  “Upper West End Avenue” walk with Andrew S. Dolkart

June 19, 2019  “Vaux Bridges of Central Park” with Stefan Yarabek

June 12, 2019  “Ramblin’ in the Ramble” walk with Leslie Day

June 6, 2019  “Especially Special W. 73rd/74th Streets” walk with Francis Morrone


May 23, 2019  “Central Park West Art Deco” walk with Anthony Robins

May 21, 2019  “Vaux Bridges of Central Park” with Stefan Yarabek

May 15, 2019 “Poetry of Central Park” walk with Stephen Wolf

May 10, 2019  Book Launch: “An Affair with Beauty-The Mystique of Howard Chandler Christy” with author James Philip Head

May 9, 2019  Author’s Talk: “The Decorated Tenement” with Zachary Violette


April 24, 2019  “Vaux Bridges of Central Park” with Stefan Yarabek

April 17, 2019  “From Farmlands to Fairway: Development of the UWS” with Mosette Broderick

April 17, 2019  “Upper West Side Renovation & Preservation” with PRESERVE’s Carl Culbreth

April 10, 2019  Behind-the-Scenery Tour of the Delacorte Theater in Central Park


March 28, 2019  “Candela on the Upper West Side” Encore! with Anthony Bellov

March 13, 2019  “All the Single Ladies: Women-Only Buildings in Early 20th c. New York” with Nina Harkrader

March 12, 2019  “Honeybee Hotel” with Leslie Day

March 5, 2019  “Home Sweet Mansion: A Peek into the Domestic Lives of Gilded Age New Yorkers” with Esther Crain


February 27, 2019 “Candela on the Upper West Side” with Anthony Bellov

February 12, 2019  “Gold Digger: The Outrageous Life and Times of Peggy Hopkins Joyce” with Constance Rosenblum

February 6, 2019  “PANIC!! Crises, Hoaxes and Fake News that Rocked 19th c. New York” with Tom Miller


January 24, 2019  “The Many Lives of Riverside Park” with Lucie Levine


Thursday, November 29th “History of the UWS Apartment House” with Tom Miller

Thursday, November 29th “A-round Columbus Circle” with Sean Khorsandi


Saturday, October 27th “Gargoyles! A Halloween-ish Upper West Side Walk”

Wednesday, October 24th “Broadway: A History of New York City in 13 Miles” Author’s Talk with Fran Leadon

Monday, October 15th “We Are Staying”: Author Jen Rubin in conversation with Amy Harmon of the New York Times


Wednesday, September 26 “Magnificent Gilded Age Houses of Riverside Drive” with Esther Crain

Wednesday, September 19  “Manhattan’s Little Secrets” with Author John Tauranac

Wednesday, September 26 Magnificent Gilded Age Mansions of Riverside Drive Walking Tour with Esther Crain


Wednesday, August 22  The Secret on W. 78th Street: Guastavino Row Walking Tour

Tuesday, August 21  An Evening with The Opera House Filmmaker Susan Froemke


Tuesday July 24  Signs of the Past Fonts and Lettering of UWS Walking Tour w/Alexander Tochilovsky

Thursday, July 12  CPWOW! East Meets West CPW/Columbus Circle Walk with Sean Khorsandi


Wednesday, June 27th  Rodeph Shalom and West 80s Tour with Andrew S. Dolkart

Sunday, June 10th  Ornamental Delights Walking Tour with Francis Morrone


Wednesday, May 16th  From UWS to the Village: LW! Tours the Chaim Gross Studio

Saturday, May 12th  Gems of Riverside Drive II: 103rd-108th Streets Walking Tour

Tuesday, May 8th  The Girl on the Velvet Swing: The Murder of Stanford White & NYC in the Gilded Age


Sunday, April 29th  Trees Are Busting Out All Over! Walking Tour at “The Pool” in Central Park at 100th Street

Sunday, April 22nd  Gems of Riverside Drive: 94th to 103rd Streets Walking Tour

Tuesday, April 17th  Terra Cotta Dreamin’ with artist, author, and expert Susan Tunick

Tuesday, April 17th  1970s and the Wild Upper West Side with architect/preservationist Joseph Pell Lombardi


Tuesday, March 27th All the Single Ladies: “Women Only” Buildings of 20th century NYC

Tuesday, March 20th  Famous (and Infamous) Above 96th Street


February 22, 2018  Studio Audience at ABC’s “The Chew”

February 21, 2018 Author’s Talk: Dan Wakin’s “The Man With the Sawed Off Leg”

February 8, 2018 Unraveling the Mysteries of Seneca Village


January 24, 2018 Brokers Continuing Ed Program: UWS Architecture: Flemish Revival & the Development of Bloomingdale Village

January 18, 2018 Program: LW! Tours the Downton Abbey Exhibition with guest docent Chippy Irvine



December 5, 2017 Program: A New York Christmas: Ho-ho-ho at Gothamtide. A Historic Holiday Book Event with author Sibyl McCormac Groff


November 15, 2017 LW! Celebrates The Belnord Apartments
November 8, 2017 Brokers Seminar: Fundamentals of Fair Housing


October 29, 2017 Gargoyles! A Halloween Walk on the Upper West Side
October 26, 2017  The Wild Wild West Side on Film: From Gangs to Ghostbusters
October 4, 2017 Brokers Seminar: Architectural Styles of the Upper West Side


September 17, 2017 Program: From Dakota to Montana: An UWS Walking Tour
September 14, 2017 Program: The Cinematic Cityscape of Woody Allen

August 22, 2017 Program: How (High) Does Your Garden Grow?
August 23, 2017 Program: The Buzz About Bees

July 18, 2017 Cruise Aboard the Historic Fireboat John J. Harvey!
June 15, 2017 Program: New York Art Deco Talk/Walk with Tony Robins
June 14, 2017 Program: Brownstone Series II: Understanding Excavation    
May 23, 2017 Program: From Eleanor Roosevelt to Joan of Arc: Riverside Drive from 72nd to 93rd Streets
May 16, 2017 Program: 79th Street Boat Basin and Riverside Park Walking Tour
May 11, 2017 Program: Gargoyles & Green Men Walking Tour
May 4, 2017 Program: Justin Davidson’s “Magnetic City” Book Talk
April 27, 2017 Program: “The Gargoyle Hunters” with Author John Freeman Gill
April 24, 2017 Brokers Seminar: Fair Housing & Mansions of RSD (rescheduled from March 14)
April 19, 2017 Program: How the West Was Won Talk by LW! Pres. Kate Wood
April 17, 2017 Program: LW! Roundtable: Money & Politics
April 2, 2017 Program: Afternoon Amble Along Riverside-West End Ave.
March 3, 2017 Program: Brownstone Series I: Not Just a Pretty Facade
Feb. 21, 2017 Program: Dark Love in the Gilded Age




“Ten Restaurants That Changed America” Author Paul Freedman in conversation with Eater’s Matt Buchanan DECEMBER 5


“Preservation 101” Continuing Education Workshop for Brokers NOVEMBER 17

Documenting LGBT History: A Presentation by the NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project NOVEMBER 15

Tour of Clarence Tour interior at 311 W. 91st Street NOVEMBER 3


Conjuring Up the Architectural Ghosts and Long Lost Villages of the UWS OCTOBER 30

Central Park West Art Deco Walking Tour led by Anthony W. Robins for Open House NY OCTOBER 16

Quintessential Upper West Side Walking Tour led by Francis Morrone for Open House NY OCTOBER 16


14 Original Historic Homes On West End Avenue: An Architectural Discussion & Tour Featuring Andrew S. Dolkart JULY 12


610 West End Avenue Walking Tour Featuring Andrew Dolkart JUNE 23

“Community Gathering” JUNE 22


A “ Bird’s Eye” Tour of West End Avenue Featuring Professor Andrew S. Dolkart  MAY 24

“Preservation 101” MAY 12


A Book Talk with Drs. Nicholas Dagen Bloom & Matthew Gordon Lasner MARCH 15


“Zoning 101” FEBRUARY 25

Witold Rybczynski Book Talk FEBRUARY 3







Honoring Former LPC Chairman Gene A. Norman DECEMBER 14

The Texture of the City: Exploring the Lettering of the Upper West Side NOVEMBER 22

Continuing Education “Preservation 101” with Walking Tour by Andrew Dolkart NOVEMBER 17

LW! OpenHouseNY Walking Tour: Central Park West Art Deco with Andrew Dolkart OCTOBER 18

LW! OpenHouseNY Walking Tour: Central Park West Brownstones with Gregory Dietrich OCTOBER 17

Walking Tour Exploring Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts with Thomas Mellins SEPTEMBER 30

A Book Talk with Roberta Brandes Gratz SEPTEMBER 9

The ABCs of Central Park with Augustine Lynas SEPTEMBER 7

Young Professionals Trivia Night with Tom Miller JULY 23

West End Avenue Walking Tour with Andrew Scott Dolkart JUNE 23

A Rare Look Inside W.R. Hearst’s “Gothic Aerie” Over Central Park with Francis Morrone JUNE 11

City as a Living Laboratory: Collision Theory-Birds and Buildings MAY 16

City as a Living Laboratory: Habits and Highness MAY 16

Behind the Scenes Tour of the American Folk Art Museum MAY 12

Public Lives: Preserving New York’s Landmark Interiors APRIL 16

The Evolution of Residential Design on West End Avenue with Andrew Dolkart JANUARY 21


25th Anniversary Kick-Off Celebration at The Dakota

Energy Efficiency and Existing Buildings

Green Theology Seminar

Architectural Styles Continuing Education Seminar


Walking Tour: Sacred Sites of the West Side (Part Two!)

Slide Lecture and Wine Reception: A History of the Upper West Side in Postcards

Mayoral Candidates Breakfasts with Tony Avella, William C. Thompson, Jr., and Rev. Billy Talen

Walking Tour: West End Avenue with Andrew S. Dolkart

Walking Tour: Sacred Sites of the West Side with Mosette and Herbert Broderick

Legal Strategies for Landmarks: Defending Architecture, Neighborhoods and the Public Interest In the Development-Driven City
Continuing Education Seminar: Green Building, Energy Efficiency, and Existing Buildings SPRING HOUSE TOUR

An Architectural Tooklit, continuing education seminar

Building New York’s Garment District: A slide lecture by Andrew S. Dolkart
The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs: The Making of a Book and Exhibition

A Reading of  Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by illustrator Ron Barrett

A Celebration of West End Avenue: walking tours by Andrew S. Dolkart and Mosette Broderick

Central Park West Skyline: A Walking Tour with Andrew Scott Dolkart

“The Tiffany Girls”: The Designing Women of Tiffany Studios — a slide lecture by Nina Gray

The Unsung Heroes of the Upper West Side: 2008 Preservation Awards
LANDMARK WEST!’s Fall Broker Seminar Series

A Slide Lecture by Anthony C. Wood

Two FREE Family Walking Tours (part of openhousenewyork)

A Special Tribute to the Dakota

An Evening With Friends of LANDMARK WEST!: Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival at Avery Fisher Hall

Reconstructing Seneca Village: A Walking Tour with Cynthia Copeland, Nan Rothschild, and Diana Wall Vernacular Architecture of the Upper Upper West Side: A Walking Tour with Andrew Scott Dolkart

The Evolution of Living Styles in Manhattan (Seminar)

Green Building, Energy Efficiency and Historic Preservation (Seminar)

“New York: Vernacular City”: An Illustrated Lecture by Andrew S. Dolkart


The Automat: A Talk By Lorraine B. Diehl and Marianne Hardart

Amsterdam Houses and Public Housing Architecture: A Lecture by Francis Morrone

The Dakota Apartments to the Dakota Stable: An Upper West Side Walking Tour with Andrew Scott Dolkart

Art Deco on the Upper West Side: A Walking Tour with Tony Robins

Amsterdam Houses Historical Research Project

Frederick Law Olmsted: Beyond Central Park – A Talk by Witold Rybczynski

Walking Tour of West 72nd Street with Andrew Scott Dolkart

Benefit for the Save 2 Columbus Circle Fund

Walking Tour of Manhattan Valley with Andrew Scott Dolkart



LANDMARK WEST!’s 20th Anniversary Benefit with Tom Brokaw

Come One, Come All To the People’s Public Hearing for 2 Columbus Circle!

Hands Around 2 Columbus Circle!

Meet the Democratic Mayoral Candidates!

Edward Durell Stone: The Evolution of the Architect



Glamour: Fashion, Industrial Design, Architecture

Metro Theatre

Restoring the Postwar Architecture of E.D. Stone

Celebrate the Ansonia!




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