LPC Commissioner Gene A. Norman (Left) with former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis testifying in 1984 to protect the New York Landmarks Law.

Preservation legend Gene A. Norman passed away last night at home following an illness, said his wife Juanita.  Gene served the city well as LPC Commissioner and actions taken during his tenure have protected scores of landmarks city-wide, from the beloved Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright to the New York Central building at the foot of Park Avenue.  The breadth and range is inspiring, but the Upper West Side in particular owes Gene Norman a debt of gratitude.

Under Gene’s leadership, the Upper West Side received valuable protections for five historic districts: The West End-Collegiate Historic District (1/3/1984), The Riverside Drive-West 80th-81st Streets Historic District (3/26/1985), West 71st Street Historic District (8/29/1989), The Riverside-West End Historic District (12/19/1989) and our namesake, the Upper West Side/Central Park West Historic District (4/24/1990) which, at the time of its designation, was the largest historic district in New York City.  Equally important are the UWS individual landmarks that received protection, including:

THANK YOU GENE!  You will be missed, and thanks to you, parts of the UWS will remain forever intact!

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