Hotel Belleclaire, Broadway at Seventy-Seventh Street New York

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, one can already access the Sunday New York Times Real Estate Section for the 14th of January.  In it, curious minds will find Hotel Belleclaire: A Dowager on the Rise written by long-time resident Michael Milton. LANDMARK WEST! and our Certificate of Appropriateness Committee members have been following progress and anticipating the renovations since mid-2016 when the design team presented their plans to restore the street level retail facades and replace the main entrance of this landmark.  (And for the record, they announced at that time that they were working with the West Side Market in hopes that it would remain).

Milton highlights some of the Emery Roth designed landmark’s colorful past and touches on its bright future.

Once you are through the article, you can catch up with the Daytonian in Manhattan for a second take, check stats on the building in our Building Database, and read the LW! testimony here.

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