10 Lincoln Center Plaza (Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts)

10 Lincoln Center Plaza
West 62nd to 66th Streets, Columus/Broadway to Amsterdam Avenue
(Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts)


Date:  1962-1969

Type:  Cultural Center

Architect:  Max Abromovitz, Pietro Belluschi, Gordon Bunshaft, Wallace Harrison, Philip Johnson, Eero Saarinen

Lincoln Center is America’s first cultural center with multiple arts institutions grouped together in an urban environment, a monument to the nation’s newfound emphasis on the importance of the arts in everyday life, as well as the effort to raise cultural standards.   The product of urban renewal, the campus is ther colaborative work of world-renowned design masters; the collection of buildings, interiors, landscapes and art in a single locations is unparalleled.  Strong geometric forms define the architecture and landscape, which as a whole offer an outstanding example of the Formalism and Brutalism movements.  (Adapted from Resource Evaluation, National Register of Historic Places, May 2000.)

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