143 West 72nd Street

143 West 72nd Street


Date: 1935

Type:  Commercial Building

Architect:  Boak & Paris

Developer/Owner/Builder: Arlington C. Hall

NYC Landmarks Designation:  Historic District

Landmark Designation Report: Note: Originally constructed with storefront(s); Site formerly occupied by one rowhouse (of five) designed by Thom & WIlson (1885-87, NB 968-1885)

National Register Designation: N/A

Primary Style:  Art Deco

Primary Facade:   Stone

Stories: 2

Window Type: Multipane fixed/Steel

Structure: Masonry bearing walls

Historic District: Upper West Side - Central Park West HD

Wish List: 

Alterations: Rowhouse converted to office and bachelor apartments with construction of two-story front addition and interior changes (1923: Alt 2971-1922 [Source: Alteration Docket]; Architect–Samuel A. Hertz; Owner–William B. Pritchard); Three upper stories of a five-story brick structure demolished (1935: Demo 165-1935 [Source: Demolition Docket]; Owner–Arlington C. Hall; Wrecker–A. Green Co., Inc.); Basement raised; first and second stories combined; two-story extension (surviving) built (Completed under superceding Alt 2508-1935; 1935: Alt 1632-1935 [Source: Alteration Docket]; Architect–Boak & Paris; Owner–Arlington C. Hall); Two stories aded to existing two-story restaurant (1989-90: Alt 175-1989 [Source: Alteration Application]; Architect–The Penta Group, Architects; Owner–143 West 72nd Street Associates)

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