276 West 71st Street

276 West 71st Street


Date: 1886-87

NB Number: NB 197-1886

Type:  Rowhouse

Architect:  Angell, Edward L.

Developer/Owner/Builder: Fonner & Lowther

Row Configuration: Originally part of a row of four row houses (no. 274 through 280), of which only this and no. 274 still remain.

NYC Landmarks Designation:  Historic District

Landmark Designation Report: Addendum to the West End-Collegiate Historic District Extension Designation Report

National Register Designation: N/A

Primary Style:  Romanesque Revival

Primary Facade:   Brick and Brownstone

Stories: 3 1/2 and basement

Historic District: West End-Collegiate HD Extension

Significant Architectural Features: Brownstone at basement and first story; brownstone and brick details above; oriel window at second story on heavy brownstone corbel with foliate brackets and sculptural mask details; prominent, wide front-facing gable; possibly historic transom at main entry.

Alterations: Fanlight filled in at first-story window opening; metal coverings at corners at oriel (after c. 1939 tax photograph); replaced sashes (combination of multi-paned-over-one and one-overone double-hung sashes present in c. 1939 tax photograph); lights at main entry; lights at basement entry; small rectangular opening at stoop filled in.

Building Notes: Possibly historic transom at main entry.

Site Features: L-shaped stoop (painted, including sidewalls); concrete or masonry stairs (resurfaced and painted) descend into areaway.

North Facade: Designed (historic, painted)
Stoop: Painted stoop (gate under stoop – replaced)
Door(s): Possibly historic primary door
Windows: Replaced (upper stories); replaced (basement)
Security Grilles: Not historic (first story); not historic (basement)
Roof: Historic (pitched – shingles (possibly historic))
Notable Roof Features: Mansard roof with wide front-facing gable
Areaway Wall/Fence Material(s): Brownstone
Areaway Paving Material(s): Not visible from street
Sidewalk Material(s): Concrete
Curb Material(s): Concrete and metal

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