285 West End Avenue (Schwab House)

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285 West End Avenue (Schwab House)


Date: 1949-50

NB Number: NB 118-1949

Type:  Apartment Building

Architect:  Bien, Sylvan

Developer/Owner/Builder: 11 Riverside Drive Corporation

NYC Landmarks Designation:  Historic District

Landmark Designation Report:  Addendum to the West End-Collegiate Historic District Extension Designation Report

National Register Designation: N/A

Primary Style:  Modern

Primary Facade:   Brick

Stories: 16 and basement

Significant Architectural Features: Large triple window openings; brick balconies

Alterations: Lights with exposed conduit at first story; sidewalk canopy (“285 West End
Avenue” and “11 Riverside Drive” on front and “Schwab House” on sides); through-the-wall air
conditioners; replacement brick at center of parapet; three plaques and number (“285”) above
entrance to doctor’s office at southern end

Building Notes: Metal canopy at entrance possibly historic. Site of the New York Orphan
Asylum (1836-1901) and the Charles M. Schwab mansion (1902-1947). This 654-unit building
was one of the largest private apartment buildings in New York City at the time it was built. It
occupies 60% of the full-block site, has complex massing with wings and landscaped courtyards,
and a subterranean parking garage for 200 cars.

References: “$12,000,000 Apartments to Rise on Schwab “Castle” Riverside Site, New York
Times, April 10, 1949, 1; Robert A. M. Stern, New York 1960 (New York: The Monacelli Press,
1995), 664-65.

Site Features: Landscaped front yard with brick wall and metal railing; stairs and railing to
entrance door below grade; flagpole and non-historic concrete ramp with metal railings to south
of entrance in front yard

East Facade: Designed (historic)
Door(s): Possibly historic primary door; non-historic door at southern end
Windows: Replaced
Security Grilles: Not historic (basement)
Sidewalk Material(s): Concrete
Curb Material(s): Bluestone

North Facade: Designed (historic)
Facade Notes: Similar to West End Avenue facade; brick entrance to underground garage with
canopy (“Schwab House Garage”) and two wall-mounted air conditioners on western wall; two
through-the-wall vents at the basement of the eastern end of facade; non-historic window grilles
at basement but possibly historic window grilles at three windows at the western end and three
on western return wall at yard; replacement sash but two possibly historic triple windows at
center of first story; through-the-wall air conditioners; landscaped yard with brick wall; vents
with brick enclosures in the eastern and western parts of yard; metal gates at concrete walks on
either end of yard to basement entrances; concrete sidewalk and concrete, granite and bluestone

South Facade: Designed (historic)
Facade Notes: Similar to West End Avenue facade; granite stoop with metal tube railing; metaland-glass
entrance pavilion with enclosed walk to building; three light fixtures under entrance
roof; two security cameras on front of entrance pavilion; light fixtures and exposed conduit at
first story; replacement sash but steel windows at first story in center near entrance may be
historic; non-historic first story window grilles; non-historic door at western entrance; throughthe-wall
air conditioners; landscaped yard; painted concrete wall (AD MCMIII on wall) with
metal railing on top; vents with brick enclosures in eastern and western parts of yard; metal gate
at concrete walk on western end of yard to basement entrance; concrete sidewalk and curb

West Facade: Designed (historic)
Facade Notes: Similar to West End Avenue facade; non-historic grilles at first story; lights with
exposed conduit at first story; replacement sash; through-the-wall air conditioners; brick
balconies with metal railings at upper stories center bay; landscaped yard; concrete decks at first
story, three have awning frames; possibly historic metal fence with non-historic fence extension
at top; concrete sidewalk with granite, bluestone and concrete curb

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