542 Cathedral Parkway

542 Cathedral Parkway


Date: 1983-85

NB Number: 43-1983

Type:  Apartment Building with commercial ground floor

Architect:  G. Phillip Smith and Douglas Thompson

Developer/Owner: G. Phillip Smith and Douglas Thompson

NYC Landmarks Designation:  Historic District

Landmark Designation Report: Morningside Heights Historic District

National Register Designation: N/A

Primary Style:  Modern

Primary Facade:   Concrete

Stories: 3

Historic District: Morningside Heights HD

Material(s): Concrete; steel; glass

Status: Non-Contributing

History, Significance and Notable Characteristics : This small apartment building was designed by and for G. Phillip Smith and Douglas Thompson
in the 1980s.

Site : N/A

Street Sidewalk / Curb Materials: Concrete sidewalk and curb with metal edge

References: Office for Metropolitan History, “Manhattan NB Database 1900-1986” (February 4, 2016) http://www.MetroHistory.com; New York City, Department of Buildings, Certificate of Occupancy 88518 (issued April 18, 1986).

Alterations: Cathedral Parkway Facade: Remote utility meter; light; postal release box; intercom; vents
Roof: Penthouse with ventilator

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