720 West End Avenue (aka 720-730 West End Ave; 257-273 West 95th Street)

720 West End Avenue

Hotel Marcy; The Edgar J. and Lyndon Perkin Williams Memorial Residence (aka The Williams)


NB Number: NB 356-1926

Borough of Manhattan Tax Map Information: Block 1243, Lot 1

Building Name: Hotel Marcy; The Edgar J. and Lyndon Perkin Williams Memorial Residence (aka The Williams)

Type:  Apartment Hotel

Architect:  Roth, Emery

Developer/Owner/Builder: Eugene Higgins

NYC Landmarks Designation:  Historic District

Landmark Designation Report: Riverside Drive– West End Historic District Extension II

National Register Designation: N/A

Primary Style:  Renaissance Revival

Primary Facade:   Brick, Stone, and Terra Cotta

Stories: 15

Decorative Metal Work: Balconette railings; historic metal bars and lion-head anchors for marquee

Significant Architectural Features: Stone base; two-story entrance surround with pilasters and brackets supporting an entablature with swags and shields; carved lintel above door; rusticated brick at outer bays above the third story; stringcourses at fourth and 14th stories; terra cotta sills; fourth story windows with full, carved surrounds with cartouches and balconettes; windows at 13th and 14th stories with full surrounds incorporating a pediment broken by a decorated lintel; corbel table with rosettes at roof line

Alterations: Marquee replaced; non-historic fence on roof; non-historic lights; siamese connections; alarms; light with conduit above service entrance; conduits; remote utility meters

Building Notes: Built as an apartment hotel it is now a Salvation Army residence.

Site Features: Pipes; grilles

West Facade: Designed (historic, painted)
Door(s): Replaced primary door; non-historic service door
Windows: Replaced
Security Grilles: Possibly historic (upper stories)
Cornice: Historic
Sidewalk Material(s): Concrete
Curb Material(s): Concrete with metal edge

North Facade: Not designed (historic) (partially visible)
Facade Notes: Corbel table continues at return; red, yellow and white brick, patched; windows replaced; water tank; bulkhead with pipe; chimney

South Facade: Designed (historic)
Facade Notes: Similar to primary facade; windows replaced; possibly historic grilles; siamese connection; base painted; brick partially painted, patched and repointed; signage; spigot; awning on roof Site: brick wall across service/parking area with roll-down gate; nonhistoric door and light; grille; concrete sidewalk and stone curb

East Facade: Not designed (historic) (partially visible)
Facade Notes: Yellow and white brick, patched; non-historic fence and bulkheads on roof;windows replaced


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