We requested your captions and you delivered!  See the top 10 11  finalists below and email us your favorite! (NOTE, author identities obscured for privacy)

1.) Why is the middle monkey the only one with a belly button?  None of your business!

2.) Only if we let it be so

3.) Does not look like a landmark to me! Did you hear that testimony?  Let’s debate this!

4.) See no wrecking balls, hear no jackhammers, speak no shadows.

5.) 3 smart politicians!

6.) Be wise and work together for a greater solution

7.) “Gung Hay Fat Choy” (Happy New Year) to one and all!

8.) If we see nothing, hear nothing, and do nothing, we will have nothing.  Like all of us monkeys.

9.) See no landmarks, Hear no landmarks, Speak no landmarks {LPC}

10.) What monkey will you be? Its time to speak out!

11.) “Landmarks?  We don’t need no stinkin’ landmarks!”*

* It is a paraphrase from the John Huston film, The Treasure of Sierra Madre.  It was spoken by the character, Gold Hat, a Mexican Bandit played in the film by Alfonso Bedoya.

Complete competition guidelines are as follows:

In view of all that is going on in our metropolis today:
AND Other Monkey Business…

LANDMARK WEST! proudly announces our “Create A Caption” Contest!

Simply email your entry to landmarkwest@landmarkwest.org with the subject line “MONKEY BUSINESS” by the close of business on Friday, February 12.  After a closed-door deliberation by our distinguished panel,* winners will be announced!
PRIZES, while not as generous as the gifts the city is giving developers, include:
Grand Prize:   Think transparency.  Win complimentary one-year, “Visionaries”-level membership to LW!
First Prize: On the centennial of NYC Zoning laws, join us as our guest for ZONING 101, a continuing-education workshop on February 25. Learn all about zoning before Mayor de Blasio undoes it!
Second Prize: Find out about real affordable housing.  Join us as our guest for a book talk on Affordable Housing in New York with authors Nicholas Dagen Bloom & Matthew Gordon Lasner.
Third Prize: Enlighten yourself with a MAGLIGHT LED 3-Cell Flashlight!  The same kind used by NYC’s finest, you can take it on a daytime stroll through Central Park to navigate amidst the shadows.
All winning captions will be shared via the LANDMARK WEST! Watch Blog.
*QUESTIONS?  Further details about the process can be obtained via a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Request, which we will acknowledge within 30 business days and may or may not respond to (with all pertinent material redacted) depending upon the extensiveness of your request.
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