UPDATE!  The TIMES is reporting that the hearing is off.  

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Mayor de Blasio’s rushed, behind-the-scenes Horse Carriage deal 

heads to a vote at City Council this 

Friday, February 5th, at 12 noon

Also on the agenda?  Increasing City Council Member pay by 32%!


While Mayor de Blasio denies it,  television news and print media have both suggested that this is quid pro quo politics.  The result will not only destroy New York’s Horse Carriage tradition, but also significantly impact Central Park.
Among many others, the Central Park Conservancy has voiced significant concerns about this plan.
“We were only recently contacted by the City concerning their intent to relocate the carriage horse stables into Central Park. We have not been engaged in the development or evaluation of the plan. As always, our primary concern and focus is the stewardship of the Park and the public’s safe enjoyment of it. As the leading advocate for Central Park, we want you to know that we have significant concerns with the proposal.”   
~  Central Park Conservancy President Douglas Blonsky, January 27, 2016
“[this plan] absolutely must be opposed”
~ Betsy Barlow Rogers, founder of the Central Park Conservancy, NY Times article, January 19, 2016
“The deal also underlined the transactional side of a mayor who says he is on a mission to liberalize New York City, even as his efforts are propelled in part by wealthy contributors tied to special interests.”
~ NY Times article, January 18, 2016
“This is a ban bill wrapped up in clothing because
we will not be able to survive until the stables are opened.”
~ Ian McKeever, carriage driver and owner, NY Times article, February 2, 2016
“Right now it seems like a lose-lose.”
~ Council Member David Greenfield, who has called for delaying the vote, NY Times article, February 2, 2016
Add your voice to help rein in this lose-lose deal!  Write to City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito (mviverito@council.nyc.gov), with copies to every sponsor ofIntro. 573-a and every member of the Transportation Committee (see list below), underscoring what Mayor de Blasio’s horse-trading would do: 
  • Destroy a vibrant New York City institution
  • Diminish the character of Central Park
  • Use an estimated $25 million in taxpayer dollars to subsidize the radical expansion of an existing historic building to create a new stable in the middle of Central Park (at 86th Street), privatizing public parkland
  • Dislocate “the shops” – blacksmiths, woodworkers and other caretakers of Central Park who currently occupy the historic building
Say “Neigh!!”  Our city is not for sale.
The proposed horse-carriage bill (Intro. 573-a) is a bad deal for New Yorkers!
Bill sponsors:
Daniel Dromm (dist. 25)                              (718) 803-6373
Mark Levine (dist. 7)                                   district7@council.nyc.gov
Helen Rosenthal (dist. 6)                            helen@helenrosenthal.com
Fernando Cabrera (dist. 14)                       (347) 590-2874
(Sponsors from within the Transportation Committee noted with an *)
City Council’s Transportation Committee:
Ydanis A. Rodriguez, Chair (dist. 10)*    rodriguez@council.nyc.gov
Daniel R. Garodnick (dist. 04)                garodnick@council.nyc.gov
James Vacca (dist. 13)                          vacca@council.nyc.gov
Margaret S. Chin (dist. 01)*                   chin@council.nyc.gov
Stephen T. Levin (dist. 33)                    slevin@council.nyc.gov
Deborah Rose (dist. 49)                        drose@council.nyc.gov
James G. Van Bramer (dist. 26)            jvanbramer@council.nyc.gov
David G. Greenfield (dist. 44)                dgreenfield@council.nyc.gov
Costa G. Constantinides (dist. 22)         costa@council.nyc.gov
Carlos Menchaca (dist. 38)                   info38@council.nyc.gov
I. Daneek Miller (dist. 27)                      district27@council.nyc.gov
Antonio Reynoso (dist. 34)                    areynoso@council.nyc.gov
Donovan Richards (dist. 31)                  drichards@council.nyc.gov
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