The Riverside-West End Historic District Extension I continues on the path to achieving bona fide landmark status! City Council has set a date for the public hearing (Wednesday, October 3 — more details here).  Now they need to hear from YOU.  This is it! 

Click on the map to read
the LPC’s designation report.

Your letter is absolutely essential to let the City Council members know just how important it is to preserve this incredible ensemble of buildings.  If they don’t hear from you — NOW — it could cost the neighborhood its landmark protection.


Sending an email or writing a letter to your Council Member takes just moments with the help of our call to action blogpost.  Your letter is so important!  Please email
or write today!

To Gale Brewer,
UWS City Council Member

Thank you for your leadership on this first of three historic district extensions on West End Avenue; I’m with you!”

To other City Council Members*:  

Please stand by the West Side’s City Council Member, Gale Brewer, and affirm the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s unanimous vote to designate the Riverside-West End HD Extension I.

To Christine Quinn, City Council Speaker*:
The West Side community supports expanded landmark protection of our neighborhood — people want preservation!

*Please forward a copy of your letter or email to LANDMARK WEST!

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