…buried within a lot of other hyperbole.

This article by Fox News under the guise of journalism baits the reader with a false premise: “Disney selling ABC News’ longtime headquarters as trouble looms for embattled TV stars, journalists”.
While the article does acknowledge the sale:
ABC staffers tell Fox News they have been informed that they will likely be moving far downtown in Manhattan to an area known as Hudson Square, which is not convenient to many commuters. A source with knowledge of the planned move said ABC is seeking about 33 percent less square footage downtown than it currently has, raising the prospect that the move will be accompanied by staff reductions.”

It also takes great effort in throwing shade on staff, salaries, and relevance within the media, despite ABC having the top rated, and most watched evening news broadcast (World News Tonight with David Muir), broadcast from this block and the most watched morning show (Good Morning America), broadcast from Times Square Studios for years running.

To their credit, they do agree with what we’ve been saying all along:

ABC has for decades occupied several large buildings just off Central Park in Lincoln Square, which has in recent years become one of the city’s wealthiest residential neighborhoods. The sale of the complex is presumably for the land, so the buyer can demolish the office buildings and build condos for ultrawealthy buyers.

Luxury apartment towers built on the ABC lot would overlook Central Park and command enormous prices.

Neighborhood opposition is already building toward the anticipated construction of the condos, which one commenter to neighborhood blog West Side Rag jokingly predicted would be “some sort of Russian-oligarch-money-laundering complex.”

Stay tuned for more!


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