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Upper West Sider and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer told the West Side Rag about her past and why she enjoys so much of her job–from working to fix the subway, assist in health care and improve education.  But there’s a caveat…she is also embroiled in a number of tussles with developers, why?  Its not just because of the imposition on the neighborhood quality of life, but because they are leaving so many New Yorkers out.  Regular every-day citizens who are squeezed between qualifying for a too-limited supply of affordable housing and the super-rich.

“The owners tell me, ‘Gale, we’re gonna pay taxes. Don’t you want our money?’ My answer is, ‘We have a crisis of affordable housing, why don’t we treat it like a crisis? Why doesn’t every new building have affordable housing in it?’”

Read the full article in the West Side Rag.

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