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Last week, the MTA announced their plan to raise fares in 2017 to $3 a swipe. They’d like to raise height limits on their real estate, too!


A provision hidden in this year’s New York State budget allows the MTA to avoid all local zoning regulations on any property it owns.  The budget language practically incentivizes the MTA to go full-throttle into the real estate business or serve as a front for other developers.  It also means that contextual zoning, bulk, height and density limits, and setbacks do not apply.


Fortunately, state legislators passed Senate Bill 8037 and Assembly Bill 10421 repealing the MTA’s authority to override local zoning laws for non-transit related projects.


Ask Governor Cuomo to sign these bills and let’s remind his office that the citizens of New York can be louder than an approaching train–our voices will be heard!


PLAN YOUR ROUTE!  What happens next is up to you! 
Ask Governor Cuomo to GET ON BOARD by sending an email (click HERE ) or


Call his office at (518) 474-8309 and ask him to protect NYC and sign Senate Bill 8037 and Assembly Bill 10421.
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