Introducing the newest addition to the LW! intern team
A Guest Blog, by Ingrid

I’m a new student at Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design (WHSAD), but I have a lot of great things to say about it. WHSAD is like a new door full with experiences that can take you far beyond your imagination.  Not only are the experiences good but also the opportunities the school offers.  To me, many schools try to teach you only one way; at WHSAD, you have the option to decide your own future.  WHSAD is a small united high school where students who are interested in architecture come together to expand their knowledge and show the world what they have to offer.  To learn more about WHSAD, click here.

This year (which was my junior year at WHSAD), I took a class in science called Preservation Arts.  It was my first time ever and it was very different from any other science class I have ever taken.  I learned things like knowing the reason a building looks the way it does after a few years.  This was something very new to me but a great experience all at once.

After my classes indoors, learning about building vocabulary and what we were going to see on a building, we finally had the chance to go outdoors.  Once we were outside, during the spring and summer time, we would take pictures of a building and answer a sheet our teacher would give us.  It asked questions about the way the building had been damaged and what would happen if nothing was done to stop the damages. And the way we can repair the problem without having to replace the whole building. More like a restoration, not a whole new change.

What I like most about studying architecture is the way there’s so many different levels to it.  From the style it can be created in, to the end design, even the cement or bricks architects can use to give those final touches.  Not only that but also the way a historical building can be preserved and kept the same way it was.  Not every architect does the same thing.  After all, everybody does have a different point of view.


For the past year, LANDMARK WEST! has partnered with the Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design, hosting interns during the spring and summer.  Ingrid is the third intern we have welcomed to our team from this innovative public high school.  We look forward to sharing with her the history of the Upper West Side, and to learning from her fresh perspective on architecture and preservation!

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