This is the second intern introduction for the summer, following our earlier post welcoming Williamsburg High School for Architect & Design student Jahmauny.  Below, get to know Jonathan.  Then, stay tuned for posts authored by our interns!

Hi, my name is Jonathan Ortiz and I am 16 years old, going into my junior year of high school. I got involved with LW! through the “I Have A Dream” Foundation (IHDF) DeHostos-Wise Program. IHDF works to ensure that every student in the program has the opportunity to pursue a higher education. They do this by providing tutors for us, bringing us on college visits, and always preparing us for anything college-related. 

IHDF also provides mentors, internships, and opportunities to participate in programs such as LW!. I have been staying busy with IHDF and LW!, so I have been having a pretty good July, if I may say so myself! 

My favorite part of the summer so far was when I visited New York University with the IHDF. My favorite subjects in school are math and science because I like how everything is tied to those two subjects and how there is not an end to how they can be applied. 

I am planning on studying architecture in college because I find it interesting how building styles change over time. I enjoy helping people, and I feel like architecture can do that. Nice buildings can help the people in the community enjoy their surroundings and maybe even brighten up their day. If I don’t go into architecture, I want be in another profession that helps communities.

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