This weekend, let’s make a deal!

This Sunday, September 18th, is the annual Columbus Avenue Festival, sponsored by the West Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.  LANDMARK WEST! will be there!  The street fair is a great opportunity for us to share information about our historic neighborhood, make new friends, and hear — directly from you — just what you LOVE about the West Side.

                 WHEN:  Sunday, Sept. 18th, 12PM/noon to … whenever!
               WHERE:  Northeast corner of Columbus Avenue at West 67th Street
                                  (if for any reason we have to relocate,
                                   just look for us as you stroll the Avenue!)

And this year, we’re adding something new to our traditional roster of street fair assignments.  In addition to handing out copies of our latest Map Newsletter and helping folks sign up for our informative emails, we’ve got stuff to sell!

What kind of stuff, you ask?  All manner of “vintage” prints and photos!  For a modest contribution — four dollars, twenty five cents, make us an offer! — you can walk away the proud new owner of images like this one:

That’s just the beginning.  We asked our summer interns Ingrid and Zack to help us give the blogosphere a sneak peek at the not-at-all-particular collection of images that awaits …

We have to agree with the interns, the image on the left is TOO GOOD.  What are they looking at?  What’s happening behind the camera?!?!  Tell us what you think at the street fair!

And these are only the beginning.  We’ll post a few more samples before Sunday, but they’ll hardly be a dent in terms of our large collection.  So meander along Columbus Avenue this Sunday and visit us at West 67th Street!

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