Appearing online with sidebar clickbait for how ‘Cursed’ Pete Davidson nixes another Ariana Grande Tattoo and Paris Hilton braves the snow in a sleeveless summer dress, The New York Post writes REBNY furious that city is going ahead with new zoning lawsan article which references a development in our district on West 66th Street.  Author Lois Weiss bemoans the City’s attention to developing and maintaining its own policy.

In specific regards to the West 66th street project, she writes:

Meanwhile, Gary Barnett of Extell Development has long been planning a 775-foot-tall residential condominium tower on West 66th Street that will also house a synagogue in its base.  …Yes, and the synagogue is not there so he can be a good neighbor.  It is being replaced on site due to a complicated land swap from its former location at 44 West 66th street, now demolished.

Its Snøhetta design calls for a 161-foot “void” between the 18th and 19th floors that includes fire department pump rooms and fire department storage tanks. …Yes, and the 17th and 19th floors will also be mechanical floors.  But wait, we should be grateful!  This 161′ safety hazard is actually there in the name of safety!  Who knew?

Exterior details such as setbacks and an outdoor garden break up the visual impact of the tower.  …Possibly.  Reducing 161′ in height would have a greater return on investment for reducing visual impact of the tower.

Consider facts.  Read the full article HERE.

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